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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Tel Boy Le Main Can't Help This Time"

Developer couple are declared en désastre

Frank & Susan Venton

A PROPERTY developer has been declared bankrupt with debts of £6.7m.
Frank Venton, his wife Susan and their company Old Station House were declared en désastre in the Royal Court on Monday.

The application to declare Mr Venton bankrupt was brought by Advocate Mark Taylor on behalf of Jersey Home Loans, who are owed £2.75m.
The decision followed a failed last-ditch bid by Mr Venton’s lawyer to get the case adjourned for two weeks.


  1. Another Jersey spiv.

  2. The railway house should have been listed as a building of special interest. It is now as Prince Charles would call, a carbuncle! Disgusting.

  3. How can anyone ever be allowed to get in so much debt?.
    Certainly not the ordinary folk!