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Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Something To Look Forwards To In Old Age"

ISLANDERS will have to work until they are 67 proposals if the States agree proposals out today.
Increases to the current retirement age of 65 would be staggered from 2020 to 2031, to fill a predicted hole in the Social Security Fund which pensions are paid from.
Under the proposals by Social Security Minister Ian Gorst, those aged 57 and over now would be unaffected, but the staggered rises would mean that anyone aged 47 and under would be working until they hit 67.
Those aged between 47 and 57 will retire at between 65 and 67.


  1. ian hopefully this incompetent idiot will retire this year with the help of the good people of jersey this man is a joke .id like to get him on a fishing boat in high seas now to work never mind when the idiot is 65 you know what they say looks like an idiot acts like an idiot speaks like an idiot must be an idiot?

  2. ian
    would you bare arms if needed two

  3. fight for freedom lets face it talking has done nothing most of our states members have no backbone there will come a time when we run out of words what then give up?

  4. I don't think any of us are in the quitting game Martin.

    However, brains will always triumph over brawn and there is more than one way to skin a cat. Jail, or worse, cannot help our cause so we must be more devious.

    I truly believe that matters will come to a head in England & in Jersey within the next two years, and many in England are already planning ahead.

    People everywhere have truly had enough....

  5. i only hope you are right ian 800 years is long enougth for anyone