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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

"Sex Offenders Are Not News In Jersey Anymore!"

July Trial for man accused of assaults

A 54 year old man accused of carrying out 13 indecent assaults will stand trial in July. David Philip Carrel (NOT THE CAR/RALLY DRIVER) is charged with carrying out the assaults over a 24 year period between 1974 and 1998 at various addresses in Jersey.

He is also charged with procuring an act of gross indecency between 1978 and 1979, and supplying cannabis at a Jersey address between 1988 and 1989. In the Royal Court on Friday, Carrel was remanded in custody until his next appearance on Friday 27th May. His five-day trial is set for the 4th July.

Another alleged sex offender in sunny Jersey and the JEP run with a 'headline story' about whether or not, Jersey weather is warmer than that of the Scilly Isles???

Furthermore, not a single mention online from any of Jersey's mainstream media about this article. With reporting like this in Jersey, what the hell else is passing under the radar that we are not aware of?


Could this be the same guy?


Royal Court gives man with ‘appalling’ record a chance

A MAN with an ‘appalling’ record has escaped a prison sentence for receiving stolen goods worth £1,480 because of his efforts in the last ten years to change his ways.
David Philip Carrel, who spent his 47th birthday in the Royal Court yesterday, was found guilty by an Assize jury recently of criminally receiving 148 CDs and DVDs which had been stolen in a break-in from Offshore Solutions in Rue des PrĂ©s.Yesterday, he was sentenced to 210 hours’ community service for that offence.Crown Advocate Nuno Santos Costa said that videos and CDs worth £10,144 had been stolen from the company and the man charged with their theft was sentenced in July.Police had searched a flat at Le Marais occupied by a friend of Carrel’s and when Carrel was searched there they had found a list in his jacket of CDs and DVDs.Advocate Santos Costa said that Carrel’s ‘criminal career’ had started in 1971, after which there had been 118 convictions.Sitting with Jurats Tibbo and King, the Deputy Bailiff, Michael Birt, described Carrel’s record as ‘appalling’.However, he said that because of the efforts Carrel had made to improve his life the court had decided to sentence him to community service to encourage him to continue that progress rather than go back to his old ways.
Article posted on 24th November, 2003 - 12.00am

For a more indepth view on Jersey Journalism, please visit Stuart Syvret's latest blog at the link below.

Also at the link below, we have the interview of Rico Sorda, another Jersey blogger fighting for the truth in Jersey.


  1. Is it the same bloke who was in to cars?

  2. You have got me on that one anon?

  3. Well, that is surely the last straw as far as the JEP's pretence to any credibility as a proper source of news.

    The JEP are clearly breaking their obligation to report the news, and so I have an idea. You and Rico and Stuart must all apply for press cards, as Jersey needs proper journalists, they can hardly refuse to let you have them, as there's no-one else reporting! With press cards you will be able to get into the sort of meetings that the oligarchy would prefer to be kept hush hush. Go for it Ian xx

  4. It is obviously the same guy Ian because the ages tie up.

    However, the real concerns are how and why have these crimes that go back as far as 1974 just come to light? Did they form part of the Historic Abuse enquiry investigations and complaints? And also why has this only warranted a minute piece of reporting on an inside page of the JEP, and nothing from our other 'media'. Disgraceful!

  5. No,it wont be the ex. motoring Dave Carrel.No way.

  6. Oh, this is becoming beyond a joke. I mentioned this news story to a friend this afternoon who was amazed that they hadn't heard about it from their reliable JEP.

    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as perhaps this news came out after the paper was put to bed, however the JEP was happy to report on the case of Mr Noel though.

    The Beano is definitely not the Rag

  7. It is the same Dave Carrel. He started with joy riding in cars 40 odd years ago.

    Unless ofcourse there is someone else with the same name and same age who has never left Jersey except for Borstal?

    Given loads of chances as was R Holland, but came back doing more damage....

    Sir Philip Bailhache's famous saying,(amoungst others), Give him another chance, because he will grow out of it!!??

  8. Have to say Ian, on reflection, we can make the Scilly Isles headline news because we are very, very cross that they claim they have more sunshine hours than we do, BUT, I bet they do not have more paedos and sex offenders than us!

    Let's see that in the JEP headlines.

    Wonder if Jersey will dispute that one?

  9. JEP today
    Dave Carrel (57) the car & rally guy is different to the above guy (54)