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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Planning Get's It Wrong"

Individuals ‘aren’t protected enough on planning appeals’

Reg and Rita Pinel

JERSEY desperately needs a better planning appeals system to protect people’s rights, a committee of inquiry says.
The panel, which was looking into the Reg’s Skips affair, has concluded that Jersey needs a new system to protect the rights of Islanders against poorly made Planning decisions. Currently, if someone wants to appeal against a planning decision they have to go to the Royal Court, which can prove costly.
The committee of inquiry was set up to investigate whether various planning applications by the owners of Reg’s Skips were determined appropriately by Planning. The panel, chaired by John Mills, is also investigating whether legal fees accrued by Reg and Rita Pinel totalling nearly £300,000 were as a result of any failings by the Planning department.
The couple were paid £157,000 in compensation after the committee concluded that Planning had been at fault. Environment Minister Freddie Cohen also issued a public apology to Mr and Mrs Pinel.

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