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Saturday, 23 April 2011

"No Rights In Jersey For Mothers To Be"

Ray Shead - his attitude strange & weird

EMPLOYERS would find it hard to cope if Jersey had a law on maternity leave in line with the UK, the Chamber of Commerce has said.
Instead, president of the Chamber Ray Shead believes that current proposals to introduce a minimum 18 weeks leave for women who have just had a baby, with just two weeks of that paid leave, are more realistic and suitable for a small economy like Jersey.
He added that the plans, which are due to be brought to the States before October’s elections, were needed to bring Jersey into the 21st century.

Maternity law: Plans ‘shameful’

Jersey Community Relations Trust chairwoman Dr Elena Moran

FIERCE criticism has been levelled at plans to introduce a law on maternity leave in Jersey because it will still leave the Island lagging far behind its UK and European counterparts.
Under current proposals women who have worked for an employer for at least 15 months would be entitled to18 weeks off work after they have had a baby, with two of those weeks paid. In the UK the current legal minimum is 26 weeks paid leave with a further 26 weeks unpaid.
The stark difference has led to the plans from the Social Security department being branded ‘inadequate’ and ‘shameful’ and there are now calls for them to be completely rethought in a bid to bring the Island into line with other modern jurisdictions.
Chairman of the Jersey Community Relations Trust Dr Elena Moran is one critic of the proposals, which are due to be put to the States before October’s election. Her comments have been echoed by local Advocate Barbara Corbett who said the proposals were ‘watered down’ and simply not good enough.

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