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Thursday, 28 April 2011

"More Erosion Of Standards In Jersey"

Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, explains why a civil partnership law has taken so long to arrive in Jersey

Jersey's politicians are set to debate a civil partnership law within the next two months.

Gay couples have been able to tie the knot in the UK since 2005, but although it was approved in principle in Jersey 18 months ago, there is still no law to allow civil partnerships to take place.

A draft law on civil partnerships will be lodged in June and debated in July and it is hoped it will come into force early next year.

The Deputy Chief Minister says there is a good reason for why it has taken so long to bring forward legislation - because there is a knock-on effect to other areas of law.

Senator Philip Ozouf said: "It's not simply a case of drafting a piece of legislation about civil partnerships.

"There's a whole load of consequential legislation on inheritance, on tax in my own area of Treasury and Resources, Social Security, all sorts of other Department legislation that has to reflect the legal status of a civil partnership to put civil partnerships on the same basis as marriage in the eyes of the State."

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