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Thursday, 21 April 2011

"The Logic Of Jersey's Political Clowns"

40 Watts - Senator Alan Maclean
ISLANDERS would be better off without a pay rise this year, the Economic Development Minister said yesterday.
Speaking following the release of the latest inflation-rate figures which show prices have risen on average by 3.1 per cent in the past 12 months, Senator Alan Maclean warned that wage rises would fuel retail price index rises and could lead to job losses.
He says that Islanders need to accept the ‘difficult message’ adding that the economy was still vulnerable.

Remind me again, how much a year do we pay this halfwit???


  1. This is catch 22 with our government running the island the way they are. If wages go up companies profit margin would go down so they have to put prices up. If we were a completely self sufficient island then that probably wouldnt be a hge problem restraining wage rises if the value of goods was totally under our control. But, it isn't and the more we import the more we are at the mercy of price inflation. This I believe is noticeable in food. The more farmland that is sold off to develop homes the less we are able to sustain ourselves and therefore more at the mercy of the price of imported foods. Hence, without pay rises people will tend to buy cheaper crap say iceland gunk.

    It all comes down to profit margins and unless companies are prepared to reduce their profit margin for the good of the island overall then people will either need a payrise or end up worse off and the cycle will go on. It's not as though one day the government will declare the all clear and everyone should get a payrise for every year they did not it means that more people will be squeezed out of pocket for just the everyday essentials.

    Anyway, I am sure most of them realise this but as many run their own businesses whilst dictating to us then I dont really see any change from the downward spiral for those infortunate enough to receive little or no pay rise year on year. Profit margins!

  2. By the way thats just my opinion and I am sure it is completely flawed but I am open to correction

  3. Self sufficiency is a great thing, but our growers would undoubtedly hammer us knowing that other choices were lost. The local growers are by far the most expensive in Jersey at present so there is no incentive for anyone to support them by buying their products.

    I did a little survey on Jersey prices a while back, the results were shocking, and covered many different items. Amongst them was a tv at around £1,600 in Jersey, the same tv could be purchased via the Internet and delivered free for the sum of £700 ???

    The problem is simply greed I'm afraid....

  4. Elaborating further, take Waitrose, pricey as hell and brought in to maintain sky high costing. Giving the punter no choice but to be ripped of wherever they shop.

    Our Oligarchy owned not-so-super-markets then keep their prices slightly under those of Waitrose and clean up, depriving Waitrose of their share after the vast fortune they have paid to be here.


  5. Hi

    I know exactly what you mean when it comes to electrical goods, its same with other things such as furniture etc. Decent outlets will doa price match or get close if you haggle but only if. It's not so easy with electrical stuff as say furniture but it is possible.

    Hell, I even did the haggle over a watch to the point I went to 3 or maybe 4 shops till I got the best price, you know, so and so shop has offered it for such and such...can you better it.

    When it comes to TVs etc then thats a whole different ball game but sadly people fall for the pay £1 no interest free over a year type promotions forgetting that they could forgoe it for a few months and probably have the money for one off amazon by then.

    Anyway, regards to food. I find that Lucas brothers a local grower has fantastic prices, I came out of their place with two bags of veg for £6, big bags. You dont get that value in supermarkets, but then I suppose that is the price you pay when you make the effort to go direct and cut out the supermarkets markup.

  6. You can't get two loaves of bread for £6!!!

    Where the hell is Lucas Brothers? PLEASE....

  7. Lucas brothers is at the bottom of a hill near St Aubins, I cant think of the name of the hill as I am terrible with place names so will give directions, if you drive from town to st aubins and you go past goose on green filter in turn then the next hill on your right opposite a beach cafe, last hill before st aubins (not the besco one), you drive up there a little bit and on your left is Lucas brothers. I am sure thats what their called.

    Theres a small traffic island thing at the foot of the hill.

    Thats about as much direction I can give without saying the name of the hill which I cannot for the life of me remember!! Hope its helpfull.

  8. Ian,
    Now don't fall into the trap of thinking Waitrose is so expensive, you can get 4 x 800g Farmhouse Seeded/Wholegrain Loaves and still have change out of £6, in fact their own white sliced is even cheaper again, and it's fabulous quality.
    They had sugar at £1.11 for 500g, I told them we could buy that for 85p at Poundshops, and by the next week they had the same bag for 77p. their cat food started off dear, but those prices have come down.
    The Sirloin steak is £5 per kilo cheaper than Coop, and that's the
    Duchy Organic, absolutely melt in the mouth, check out the prices and compare like for like and you'll be surprised, my Mother said she wasn't going to buy their Fairtrade Bananas at 76p per lb. She changed her mind when I said 'No Mother,look again, that's 76p per kilo!' The choice and quality is outstanding, their offers are great value, and when the sell by dates are due they reduce stuff down to pennies, and the quality is still perfect, not half dead droopy stock that was our only choice before Waitrose.
    Do go and investigate properly, deals can be done both at the Fishmonger and Butcher Depts especially on a Saturday.

    Oh and by the way, I won't tell you how many people I directed to their large Sliced Loaves which were all reduced to 15p each on Thursday,
    Cricky Ian you could have had 40 loaves for your £6 !
    So, I won't expect to see you at Iceland, next time I hope it will be Waitrose!

  9. I know who you are, and your taking the piss! Bless your cotton socks :)

    You should have been a policewoman!!!

  10. And....don't try and palm me off with all that bible bashing crap about 40 fishes and loaves and all that goes with it!

    I stopped believing in all that crap when the local vicar kept telling us that crackers where Jesus's body, and a sip of wine was his blood!!!

  11. Aaaaaah, screw you guys, I'm going home!!!