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Saturday, 9 April 2011

"Little Jersey - Just A 'Kink' That Can Be Straightened"

UK Chancellor George Osborne has made it clear that the Island’s fulfilment industry is living on borrowed time.
In response to a question from the vice-president of Jersey’s Chamber of Commerce, David Warr, Mr Osborne said yesterday that he was not prepared to allow a ‘kink’ in the taxation system to harm the business of UK high street music retailers.
Fulfilment employs over 1,000 people in Jersey and the Chancellor’s words will send a shiver down the spine of the owners of firms like


  1. I have found to be more expensive than other places namely amazon or at least the same price. I am sure they have offers etc.

    Does Amazon have a fulfillment centre here? Do you know I dont. I know one thing though that its not until you checkout that you get a vat removed price so for uk folk i would suspect they are paying it when buying from them.

    Its more about convenience in my opinion, yeah you shop around on the net sometimes or in the street you might be more likely to but the convenience of having things delivered is to a large extent the reason people are using these services.

    Nowadays, you dont think, must get into town to bu the latest album by so and so you just sit at home and its delivered, you can also buy in advance of the release date. I doubt that people in the UK think much differently to me on that and they may have a lot further to travel to get to a high street to buy an album.

    Whilst I think his intentions are good, more taxes for the uk government to spend on public and save the high street shops etc I think he is missing the point. Its not Jersey or tax loopholes as such causing high street shops to closedown, its convenience and the internet.

    Maybe he would do better spending his time on outlawing internet shopping!!