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Saturday, 9 April 2011

"Laurel & Hardy At It Again!!!"

Friends fined for boozy brawl

TWO friends have landed themselves with hefty fines after a boozy day at the pub descended into violence.
Craig Douglas Houghton (47) and Ian Anthony Houghton (35), who are not related, had been out drinking together at the St Aubin’s Wine Bar when they began fighting with each other for a reason that neither man can now remember.
Witnesses, the Magistrate’s Court heard yesterday, described the fight as lasting ten minutes and being particularly violent with numerous punches thrown by both men.

haha, I know these two clowns and they are always arguing, but in a funny way. Surprised they hit eachother as they are both good lads and good mates. Normally, they are that funny you could sell tickets to watch them!

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