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Monday, 4 April 2011

"Jersey's Education Consultation Paper Is Put Back"

A report that was due out this week that could see Jersey's schools system overhauled was not now being published until after Easter.
The green paper would address problems in the system but Education said it had been put back so feedback from head teachers could be included.
It said it would make more sense to start the consultation at the beginning of a school term rather than at Easter.
The Education department said it would be a broad-ranging consultation.
It would also look at how the service should be structured in future and was the starting point of a debate.
The department also said: "It was likely to be followed by a series of White Papers focusing on specific areas of the service; for example, early years, higher education or secondary."
"These would incorporate recommendations based on the feedback received from the public."
In recent weeks Jersey's Education Minister had been questioned about the suggestion that some States secondary schools performed poorly compared with those in the UK.

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