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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Jersey Gets Expert In - To Tell Them Not To Get Experts In?"

Don’t pay consultants – do it yourself, says UK expert

John Seddon addresses the Corporate Services Scrutiny panel

THE way to improve public services is for chief executives and their managers to examine their own departments and not to buy in consultative firms, a Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel has been told.
John Seddon of Vanguard Services, who is known for his work improving operations in the UK public sector and in private companies, told the panel this week that he did not believe in the buying in of consultative firms for this purpose.
‘Chief executives and a cross section of managers should look at each individual area of their services because there could be huge scope for improvement. Productive change comes from studying your own system,’ he said.


  1. Bloody priceless - well probably not. Any idea how much he cost

  2. Ian.

    I take it this was reported in the JEP today? As you will be aware a Blogger <A HREF=">Tom Gruchy</A> reported on this days ago.

  3. Thanks VFC, I hadn't noticed he had posted again! The last one was really funny :) Cheers

  4. In Jersey the bosses will do as they please so not getting in outside consultants will result in no change, spend on. If they do get outside consultants it costs a fortune and even then the bosses will decide what to change and what to ignore. Its catch 22 sort of, the only difference is that by getting outside consultants it makes it appear they are attempting to do something, when in fact its just a little smokescreen to business as usual.

    I am not sure the consultant abovementioned was aware of "the Jersey Way" when he made his comments but don't worry he will soon understand when his comment falls on deaf ears. Its our tradition, crikey why don't these outsiders understand this!!!!