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Friday, 29 April 2011

"Jersey Corruption Set To Continue - As We Predicted"

Jersey freedom of information law would
'cost too much'

This document should have been dated ( 301- ) that's how backwards Jersey is!

Jersey's Council of Ministers said it could not support the freedom of information law because of how much it would cost to implement and run.
It said that it fully supported the principles of the law, but it was inadequately resourced and had little chance of success.
The law would allow people to access information from public bodies such as the States and the parish.
The freedom of information law will be debated on 3 May 2011.
The Council of Ministers said it was committed to the concept of openness and transparency.
It said there would need to be cuts in the business plan and strategic plan to afford the £5.6m needed to implement it, and the £1.3m a year afterwards.


SO, AS WE PREDICTED, our lying cheating politicians take another rather large (but expected) dump on us. Our Shysters in office released the following statement "The Council of Ministers said it was committed to the concept of openness and transparency" then immediately block us from gaining access to the evidence of their crimes over the decades. "The Jersey Way".

In one of our postings on this subject, we ran with the title of this green link. "Promises, Promises - If Approved??? - Won't Hold My Breath Then" Do you think we were right? Jersey corruption is just so disgustingly predictable these days, and so are our halfwits in the Council of Ministers. One comment that I made in this posting was "Myself and VFC are absolutely correct, there is more chance of a pork chop in a synagogue than there is of the Jersey Establishment handing over damning evidence! Stuart's cases are the only chance that Jersey's plebs have of ever achieving justice or democracy in Jersey. if Stuart fails, it's over, period!!!"

Another posting covered our rotten "Jersey Evening Post" claim in this green link. "J.E.P Claims To Be Supporter Of Freedom Of Information!!!" whatever next? Jersey Government is awash with liars and swindlers, and the few who aren't, have little or no inclination to do anything about those who are! It is high time the Jersey public got off their arses and demanded the resignation of the Council Of Ministers!!!

I would very much like to see the likes of Trevor Pitman, Daniel Wimberley, Monty Tadier, Francis Le Gresley and Bob Hill writing to the Queen, and Prime Minister, explaining how Jersey is descending into the depths of HELL. Of course, such a letter would be more of a novel as it would encompass many volumes on corruption and malfeasance's in Government.

"It Is Election Year - And Don't You Dare Forget It"

Perhaps It Is Time For Stuart Syvret To Run Again!!!

Yours truly, at the 2010 London Rally Against Child Abuse


  1. Ian.

    The FOI Law would never have been worth the paper it was written on anyhow. It would only have served as mere window dressing to send out the illusion that Jersey government and judicial system are part of the 21st century, open and transparent.

    But in reality anybody trying to use the FOI Law would have had to jump through hoops, would have been palmed off and come across brick walls for years until they were beaten into submission.

    For the FOI Law to have been any use whatsoever Jersey would need something/somebody who resembles a professional Journalist who wants to "inform" the public and not just repeat the press releases they get.

    Can you honestly see the JEP, BBC or CTV exposing anything that would embarrass our ruling elite? or expose our Law Office(r)s?

    It was a non starter from the get go, something most of us predicted from the very beginning.

  2. Indeed we did VFC, indeed we did, and it is documented....

    Still, it is always humorous to see just how right we always are about our Government, then to look back and smirk!

  3. Ian.

    Hopefully Jersey's very own professional journalist Jess Dunsdon can shed some Light

  4. haha, keyboard cat! his best outing was with our education minister who we thought was drunk on the interview....Wonder if you still have it?

  5. Ian.

    The keyboard cat plays off the Education Minister Deputy James Reed

  6. "err, you say might be?"

    "I can't, you can't, if theyr'e a suspect it means they are classed as innocent"

    An F.O.I Law would certainly have got to the bottom the particular crime you were talking about on this interview VFC!

  7. "If Stuart fails it's over"

    Nonsense. Don't you remember what Stuart said, many times "Please don't put me on a pedestal"

    Stuart most likely will fail, but God certainly won't! Keep the faith, and press on.

  8. Zoompad, I wasn't putting Stuart on any kind of pedestal.

    What is abundantly clear though, is the fact that with the multitudes of damning evidence that Stuart has amassed, if he cannot win through at Strasbourg with all of this, then how on earth will we ever get another chance?

    That is what I said....

  9. I saw this on the jep website today. I thought it highly interesting that there were two stories related to freedom of information/secrecy. No comments allowed on the secrecy of our rich people but we can comment on freedom of information. I think it sums the jep comments up to a tee. You can comment on foi but please leave the rich people out of it!

    Regardless of my view of the above fact is our despicable government pulls out the money card once again when it suits their needs. Funny how when things are proposed similar to comittee of inquiry on state sponsered child abuse that the money card is drawn out of the hat once again.