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Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Immigration 'is out of control' Just Like Our Politicians, Judiciary, Police, Hospital, Government"

Deputy Paul Le Claire

MINISTERS have let immigration run out of control with the number of newcomers almost double the government target during the past five years, a States Deputy has revealed.
Deputy Paul Le Claire said that since 2006 immigration had been almost twice the 325 per year approved by the States.
His figures – confirmed by the States’ Statistics Unit – show that the ministerial target has been blown away by an average rate of 640 over five years, and 700 over the last three years.
He says that his figures show that ministers have lost control of how many people are moving to the Island, and that the influx will have a huge impact on housing, education, health and other public services.


  1. Jersey can only recieve so may new people as its not a very big place, however I feel is could sustain more if the minority didn't have all the wealth.

  2. just think of the real jersey people every man and hes dog can come here to work for less money but can true jersey men worman go any were to work big fat NO WE ARE NOT ALOUD LOOK AT OUR PASSPORTS thanks to our states and there need for cheap workers and greed jersey is done for my poor island has been raped