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Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Heroin Dealing Scum - Off The Streets"

A DRUGS mule who smuggled heroin with a street value of £55,000 into Jersey has been jailed for 6½ years by the Superior Number of the Royal Court.
Mohammed Kamruz Zaman had already smuggled heroin into Jersey at least three times before he was caught on his latest trip, the court heard yesterday.
He has only been in the Island six months and had been working in Indian restaurants around Jersey.

One thing (other than the obvious) that has drawn my attention to this story, especially the photograph, is the fact that Jersey's "discredited" media never ever put a photograph up of a paedophile or drug dealer? Unless of course, they want to make an example of them for OTHER reasons!

SO, come on States of Jersey Child Rape Party, let's start seeing the perpetrators of child abuse & drug pushing slashed all over our screens from now on....



Skin Care - by Heroin
Only 5 years to acheive this look

Stone Dead - John Courtney 21 years old
Friend of singer Cheryl Cole

Another Before & After
Before was 1998 - After was 2002

27-year-old Rachael Keogh.
Heroin Addict Being Eaten Alive By Infection (1)
May have to have arms amputated

Close up of Rachael Keogh (above)

Too Many Needles - The veins just can't cope

Stone Dead - Rachel Whitear 21 years old
Suffered severe allergic reaction to Heroin

Heroin - The Effects (if your lucky!!!)


  1. It must be pointed out that lifestyle and all the things heroin is mixed with does most of the damage, a clean source of herion does not cause such damage, ask maggie thatcher's drugs tsar he was an addict all the way through his time as drugs tsar.

  2. That is true anon, it is cut with almost anything these days. But who, other than the well off or the dealers, can afford the purer brown?

    Christ, they even give it away now, just to get people hooked on the crap!

  3. Yes anon you are right but heroin that is too pure can kill as well. As a youth counsellor I have worked with a number of young heroin addicts with a varying degree of success. They have to really want to kick the habit to succeed. I will never forget Richard (not his real name) who was 23 when he died of an overdose of pure heroin two years after he stopped seeing me. He was highly intelligent, from a loving family and a beautiful young man in every way. When he died his mum phoned me up to tell me and to thank me for all I had done for him. I felt humbled by this but angry too. Angry with the bastards who made money by supplying him with that poison.


  4. If we had a regulatory system, yes, meaning legal, and it would all be the same potency, it would be very easy to figure out one's appropriate dose and prevent overdose.

    The cuts would no longer be a problem and cuts are also a lot of what causes skin trouble.

    speaking of. . .
    Opiates don't do that to peoples' faces.
    trust me.
    I'd know.

  5. Yes I agree all deaths and problems are caused because it’s illegal.

  6. they say its from meth, they say its from heroin, make up your mind, they show the same girl for every anti drug ad!

  7. Those before and after pictures are from meth, not heroin.

  8. drug users need to die , or be killed. Lets make a better world.

  9. No Anon, drug users need help! Not Murdering!!! If you are going to start murdering drug users perhaps we should start with the smokers? Then those who drink alcohol? Then those who are on prescription medicine? The government are a far worse burden to society than drug users!!!

  10. FYI All those pictures are from Faces of Meth..none of them are from heroin abuse

  11. All drugs should be legal no one has any right to tell you you can't put what ever you want in your own body. Prohibition is the problem.

  12. You are absolutely right that death toll is being enhanced rapidly. There are a lot of drugs that we look around us but the DMT is the worst one without fail.