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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

"Haut de la Garenne to open as activity centre"

HAUT de la Garenne is reopening under a different name as an outdoor activity centre and hostel.
The former children’s home has been rebranded as the Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre and will be run by Jersey Adventures and Jersey Odyssey – two local companies offering land- and sea-based activities from kayaking and coasteering to walking, rock climbing and skydiving.
It is due to receive its first guests on Tuesday 26 April and will offer bed-and-breakfast accommodation to families and groups throughout the year, with optional half-board.


  1. HAUT de la Garenne Yeah I here it used to be a hive of activity with high ranking influetial paedophiles, and kids being the activity.

  2. This is a travesty. As far as I was aware people who had been residents 'in care' for want of a better way of putting it, were to be given a say into the future use of the premises.

    Has this happened? Have the JCLA been consulted? I am almost certain the answer is NO. Once again victims have been passed over and ignored by our 'Government'.

    The best use of this building would have been to give holidays to deprived children from all over the world who have never seen the sea, sand and wonderful countryside around Haut de la Garenne and give something BACK to children after what the States of Jersey took away from those it was supposedly caring for.

  3. I have to say this GeeGee,

    That is one of the best comments I think I have ever read! and certainly one of the best solutions xxx

    Your some Lady :)