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Sunday, 3 April 2011

"Has Anyone Been Charged Over The Death Of Miss Dita Pavarniece?"

Man, 29, arrested after Jersey car crash

A man has been arrested after a car crash in Jersey.
The 21-year-old was driving a Nissan Micra which crashed into a wall at La Rocque Harbour on the Inner Coast Road in St Clement.
Officers and an ambulance were called to the scene after the crash at about 1930 BST on Saturday. The driver was found trapped in the car.
He was was freed from the vehicle and taken to hospital. He was arrested and enquiries were ongoing, police said.
There were no reports of any other injuries.

The States of Jersey Police wasted no time in arresting this guy, but what of the death of Dita Pavarniece? Why has no one been charged in connection with her death? And if they have, why have we heard nothing? There is an eerie silence surrounding Dita's death that is just not acceptable, can anyone help us with some details? Is this case still ongoing? Who was driving? Where they drunk? Where they speeding? Where they on drugs? Why the silence? The Jersey public need answers...

Death crash driver may face charges....19th February 2011

Can this much damage occur at 30 mph ???
THE driver involved in a fatal car crash in St Clement last weekend could face criminal proceedings.
At the opening yesterday of an inquest into the death of Dita Paverniece, who was a passenger in the car, it was revealed that the driver’s advocate was considering ordering a second post-mortem examination for insurance purposes.
Deputy Viscount Peter de Gruchy adjourned the inquest and released the body of Miss Paverniece for cremation, pending ‘any possible criminal proceedings’ or a request for a second post-mortem examination.

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