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Saturday, 9 April 2011

"Firefighters & Paramedics Stage Mock Car Crash In Jersey???"

Mock crash in St Saviour

FIREFIGHTERS and paramedics practised their rescue skills yesterday when they attended a mock crash in St Saviour.
Crews were called to a scene where a car had ploughed into another vehicle at a junction on Rue du Tapon.

One would think they have had enough practice of late? Only in Jersey....


  1. Any practice is good practice if you ask me. These front line workers deserve to get as much training as possible and be on a better wage. I also think they are the only ones deserving of states pensions whereby they are guaranteed a pension, unlike the rest of the civil service that aren't saving lives and in my opinion should receive the same pension rights as the rest of us.

    I do not include in the above hospital directors as they earn enough to be able to cover their own asses in retirement. Same goes with any civil servant brought over on hugely lucrative contracts. If your earning 100 grand a year or more you should be able to look after yourself, Private individuals are capable so why not public servants.

  2. Anon

    I was being sarcastic with my comment there. Indeed, firemen and paramedics to a vital service to the community and should never be short changed by anyone.

    Looking at Jersey's corrupt officials, fireman & paramedics should be right at the top of our pecking order, not suffering cutbacks and pay freezes.

    The unsung heroes of everyday life :)