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Sunday, 3 April 2011

"Do We Believe This?"

Jersey, not India, stopped tax treaty

Deputy Roy Le Hérissier
IT was Jersey, not India, that stopped a tax treaty being signed between the two jurisdictions earlier this month, it has emerged.
Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf was supposed to have put pen to paper at an official signing ceremony at the Indian finance ministry in New Delhi on 18 March.
The event was supposed to be the highlight of a ten-day visit by politicians and officials from the Island who travelled to India and Abu Dhabi.
It was initially reported incorrectly that India had decided not to sign the treaty.
At the time of the visit by the Jersey party to India, there were major political rows surrounding alleged government corruption. There were also claims that Jersey may have been one of a number of jurisdictions used to hide bribes
allegedly paid to a former Indian telecom minister for issuing mobile phone licences
But an answer given to a question in the States this week revealed that Jersey had not been ready to endorse the document as it was drafted at the time Senator Ozouf was due to sign it.
In a written answer given to a question from Deputy Roy Le Hérissier, Senator Le Sueur said that differences had been discovered between the TIEA Jersey had negotiated and those that India had recently signed with other jurisdictions.

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  1. Senator Ozouf said he would be returning to India in a few days to sign that document, I do not think so!, they are begging for work to support the Islands crumbling Finance Industry, and in their right mind would believe anything that man says?.