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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"Criminals Could Be Repatriated"

Jersey's prison population could be cut by quarter

Jersey's prison population could be reduced by almost a quarter, saving the island almost £3 million.

New legislation to send foreign prisoners back to their home countries is being proposed by the Home Affairs Minister.

Senator Ian Le Marquand is looking for the law, which has been enforced in the UK since 1984, to be put in place in Jersey.

Legal powers in Jersey are currently able to recommend prisoners for deportation, but only after they have served their sentence here.

The Repatriation of Prisoners Law would enable the Court to issue a warrant for the transfer of a prisoner instead, so that they serve their sentence outside of the British Isles.

Under the new law, 49 out of the 186 prisoners currently at Le Moye would be candidates for repatriation.

The law will require more co-operation between Jersey and foreign authorities, as the transfer can only be made with the agreement and terms of that other jurisdiction.

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