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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

"Clowns 'R' Us - Only £85,000 Available For Scaffolding???"

THE States are still paying around £17,000 a year to keep scaffolding around an arts venue that they cannot afford to repair – almost five years after the framework was first put up.
St James has been shrouded in scaffolding since September 2006 to protect pedestrians from falling masonry, but now a Scrutiny Panel are calling for the issue to be ‘urgently’ addressed.
A report published by the Education and Home Affairs Panel says that the situation at the former church – said to be indicative of a wider failure to maintain properties by the States and costing the States more than £46 a day – cannot be allowed to continue.


  1. Why aren't our States of Jersey imbeciles buying their own scaffolding?

    Are some members getting those brown paper bags?

  2. Some of Jersey`s stationary retailers must do a good business in brown envelopes!