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Friday, 29 April 2011

"Clandestine Jersey - Island Of Secrets"

Secret report focus of States questions

A SECRET report on rich residents is the focus of questions in the States Chamber again on Tuesday.
The £65,000 report is about the economic effect of super-rich immigrants who come to live in Jersey under the 1(1)k rules – and an attempt is being made to force its publication under anti-secrecy rules.
Assistant Treasury Minister Eddie Noel revealed the existence of the report in the States a month ago, but refused to release it.


  1. In addition to the benefits that the report no doubt identifies one has to consider the disbenefits. With their high spending power, 11k's have almost certainly significantly raised the overall prices of property in Jersey, which is one of the prime difficulties for ordinary people.

  2. To Nick,

    I understand the house chain concept; but if a 1(1)K were to live in a property that affords ones's station (i.e. pretty good), then how would the average person struggling to buy a three bed house be affected?

  3. To Nick - if you were to allow Anon comments on your blog, you might get more :)