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Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Buy One Home For The Price Of Two"

40 Watts - Senator Ben Shenton
A SCHEME which allows Islanders to buy family homes at a discounted price has ‘numerous flaws’ and is not fit for purpose or sustainable, a damning report says.The Jersey Homebuy scheme, which allows Islanders to buy a three-bedroom house at a discounted price, could trap people in homes with mortgage debts exceeding the value of their property, the States spending watchdog has said.
The Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Senator Ben Shenton, yesterday released a highly critical report on the Homebuy scheme, which was pioneered by Environment Minister Freddie Cohen.

Giving any of the plebs some sort of deal or reduction in price on anything in Jersey seems to upset most politicians. Why is it that there is always a problem when someone poor attempts to climb life's ladder!

The sole problem with people and mortgages is the greedy banks, nothing else, just the greedy pigs who own the banks. By the time you own your own home, you have paid for it twice! Why? The banks don't actually lend you the money, if they did, you would have to pick it up in a suitcase and go and pay the owner of the house you are buying.

NO, all they basically do is type on a computer keyboard that you will be paying X amount every month until the day you die, yup, it's that simple. About twice what you 'allegedly' borrowed is about par for the course, buying the bank the same home as you own in the process. When governments start passing legislation to curb the greed of the banks, then we will all have a chance to climb life's ladder instead of spending a lifetime stepping up and down the first rung.

In the not to distant future when the worlds food supply starts running out, then money and banks will be worthless, and the rich and corrupt will see how the other half have suffered.

"when the last fish is caught, the last buffalo hunted, and the last stream poisoned, will the white man realize he cannot eat money."

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  1. It would be nice to see the world population go to the banks on the same day and withdraw all their money :)