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Saturday, 2 April 2011

"Beaulieu Girls Will Meet The Pope"

Sign put up in London last year by some of the
Victims of the Pope's good fathers!
Students from Beaulieu Convent in Jersey are off to Rome and some will have a private audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

As part of the trip, the 43 students will be going to the Vatican to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Beaulieu Convent.

Headmaster Chris Beirne says the girls will experience a religious aspect of life by having a very unique opportunity to explore some of the hidden areas of the Vatican which most tourists are not able to get to.

Last year students from the school made the pilgrimage, with thousands of others, to Hyde Park to see Pope Benedict, but this year a lucky few will have the chance to meet him personally.

"A few of the girls will have the opportunity to speak directly to the Holy Father and him to them' We haven't chosen the girls yet, we'll do that in Rome," said Mr Beirne.


  1. and some will have a private audience with Pope Benedict XVI.

  2. Only three years ago, the age of consent in the Vatican City was raised from twelve years old, to fourteen years old!!!

    Bearing in mind the fact that all inhabitants of the Vatican City are men who are celibate, why in (excuse the pun)God's name do they even need an age of consent???

  3. That is sick.
    What on earth is going on?

  4. I've got a question for the young impressionable young ladies to ask of the Pope:

    'Did you find that being a Nazi helped you prepare yourself in covering up the paedophilia cases within the Catholic Chruch?'

    The Beano is not the Rag

  5. thejerseyway might check and will find that the Vatican uses Italian civil law so in this case the law is the same as Italy.
    Ian Evans: there are some non-clergy who live in the Vatican, notably the Swiss guard and their families.
    Neither Benedict nor his family were members of the Nazi party. In Germany there was conscription so service in the armed forces was not a matter of choice. The UK also had conscription. Luckily most UK people were not faced with the sort of choices Germans and Channel Islanders faced with trying to survive under Nazi rule.

  6. Perhaps, but what of the allegations of cover up that the Pope has been indicted for in numerous countries?

    What of the letters published on the internet that tie the pope to knowledge of the abuse as early as the mid seventies?

    All very sad indeed :(

  7. Thank you for accepting my comment above, 8 April 12.05. Sensible discussion requires a willingness to engage and not just rant: well done.
    I doubt that the pope has been indicted in any country for anything. If you have a link to a reliable source do post it up. Either way that is not a Jersey specific matter. It is also fair to point out that Haut de la Garenne was never run by clergy. It seems to me that there is enough in Jersey that requires examination that the published media seems to ignore. A debate about the pope will add little that has not been discussed outside the island. Cheers

  8. Your welcome.

    I will hunt for the links and put them up over the weekend.

  9. "Calls for the Pope to be tried for crimes against humanity have been issued many times before. Only last April, Geoffrey Robinson, a United Nations jurist from the UK, called for an international criminal investigation of Benedict by the UN World Criminal Court over the cover-up of crimes by pedophile priests, but nothing came of it. That may not be the case this time because once charges are filed, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court must investigate them."

  10. Many who pick up this book may not believe their eyes at first. “Take the pope to court? What a crazy idea!” Not few will wonder: “Why now?” Catholics faithful to the church will be indignant; freethinkers will be gratified. That a criminal charge against the
    pope awakens emotions lies in the fact that the one charged is considered by some to be the representative of God, and by others, to be the prince of darkness. In the charges brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague that are published here, he is
    neither the one nor the other, but simply “The Accused, Dr. Joseph Ratzinger,” accused of severe crimes against abused children committed by his clergy, against the many Africans who have died through his forbiddance of the use of condoms, which results in death, and against the members of his church who are enslaved by the domineering totalitarianism of his priests. I myself, with my colleague, Dr. Gert-Joachim Hetzel, have prepared the charges, realizing that it is high time to finally abandon medieval subservience toward the princes of the church and to call them to account, just like any other citizen who commits a crime. We dedicate this book to all those who have suffered severe mental torment under the inhuman church regime, to all those who have died as a result of the
    misanthropic “sexual morals” of the old men in Rome and above all, to the countless children who became the victims of the sexual crimes committed by the clergy. During our work as attorneys, we have experienced how the victims, as adults, suffer under the fate they experienced as children. They have often lost all belief in justice and even in God. Our hope is that, if possible, they find both again.

    Dr. Christian Sailer

    Click HERE for the Book

  11. Thank you for the links.
    They seem to show that certain lawyers have filed charges but no court has accepted that there is a case to answer.
    Contrast that with the Privy Council saying that the police actions in the Warren case must be addressed.
    There is a parallel: G Power was not able to control those officers supposedly under his day to day command.
    The civil authorities seem unwilling to consider the issue.
    Whatever clergy have done in the UK or other countries was for the criminal authorities in those countries to deal with. In many cases they seem to have been slow to act, notably Ireland. The Pope had rather less control over the clergy than Power did over his officers. And it was not much better in Jersey with the affairs at Haut de La Garenne.
    Those in the UK or elsewhere who have a complaint about abuse by clergy seem to be able to find lawyers willing to assist them in their cases. Those in Jersey like Stuart Syvret who struggle to get legal assistance are less well placed.
    Now let me ask a question. You seem to accept uncritically all the claims made against the pope. The establishment in Jersey seems to accept uncritically all charges against G Power / S Syvret etc. Is this a fair comparison?

  12. Is it a fair comparison?

    It would, in my view, depend on the motives for asking the question as to whether it is fair or not.

    Of course I see your point, but I also know first hand just how corrupt our government really is. Our government know that they themselves are the problem, not Syvret or Power.

    From what I have read, it appears that the pope knew what was going on, and did nothing. This inaction is what I believe he should explain.

    It is inconceivable that those at the top in the church did not know what was going on, just as it is with our government.

  13. Thank you Ian
    I think that two points may be made. The first is that Benedict seems to have been the one pressing for action. Look how he dealt with Maciel who had previously enjoyed protection. The second is that the primary responsibility lies with local leaders. What they do, or do not, report up the line is largely up to them.
    On another matter I would point out that criminal matters are for the civil authorities. The only penalty that a professional body can do is to end the individual's membership of that body. So a doctor is struck off by the General Medical Council, a solicitor by the law Society etc. Normally they wait for criminal proceedings to finish before they take action. Remember that the accused is innocent until proved guilty.
    Dealing with the Vatican I think that you should remember that it has few staff, possibly no more than the Jersey civil service, dealing with hundreds of bishops who are supposed to be taking charge in each diocese. Many of these are Italian with their own way of working. Think how much of the work is focussed on translating most things into six or more languages and all official material in Latin too. So it is an organization particularly badly prepared for dealing with clergy around the world. I suspect that there was too much deference to senior people. Rather like Jersey.
    Back to the original post.
    A public audience with the Pope is little more than hearing a discourse, usually in Italian with a few people presented to say hello. A private one will allow a little conversation and have fewer people and press present.
    Now see that the church is sheltering 40,000 refugees from the conflict in the Ivory Coast. Remember that Beaulieu was established to provide education for those who would otherwise have had no education. So there are some good actions to take into account.
    Think of the Holy Family hospital in Bethlehem providing care where the Israelis do not and the Palestinians cannot. Over 50,000 Palestinian babies have been born there.
    So keep up robust analysis of things in Jersey and thank you for letting me add my comments.

  14. Thank you anon

    This is not a witch hunt on my part, I know many many people who have been beaten and raped by the church. If you saw the way they live every day, you too would wish for the scum to be very severely dealt with.

    My wish is simple, for the guilty to be exposed and punished, and rather quickly....

    Kind regards

  15. Royal wedding Cardinal who helped silence abuse victims, Invited to the Royal wedding! The person who he covered up for, abused children in three countries!!!