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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"At Last Some Sense"

New mothers ‘are going back to work too soon’

Jersey Child Care Trust executive director Fiona Vacher

NEW mothers are being forced to put their health and that of their baby at risk by returning to work just two weeks after giving birth, a local charity has revealed.
The Jersey Childcare Trust has said it receives requests for information about childcare options from some women just days after they have had a baby because, as Jersey does not currently have a law on maternity leave, they feel they have no other choice but to go back to work immediately.
Director of the Trust, Fiona Vacher, said the fact that some women were being forced back into work so soon because they were worried about money or losing their job was simply ‘shocking’.
She has welcomed proposals to introduce the Island’s first law on maternity leave, which is due to be brought to the States by the Social Security Minister before October’s elections.

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