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Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Any Cost Of Fighting Government Secrecy Is Worth It" screw the ministers

Ministers warn of high cost of Freedom law

MINISTERS say that the cost of a law fighting government secrecy will run into many millions of pounds.
In the run-up to Tuesday’s debate on the new Freedom of Information Law, the Council of Ministers has published a report putting the cost of implementing the legislation at a minimum of £5.6m, followed by running costs of £1.3m per year.
They say that while they ‘fully support the principles of openness, transparency and access to information’, there is no provision for the spending in the Draft Business Plan setting out proposals for spending in 2012.

Jersey's Laughing Stock are at it again, yesterday it was the Bayleaf's Broadcasting Company, today it's the turn of our "filthy rag" to waffle the mandatory garbage to the Jersey public. They are desperately trying to convince the public that a Freedom Of Information Law would be a waste of the taxpayers hard earned cash!

What it would really do is see the final nail in the Oligarchy Coffin, but no mention of that? Nope, a freedom of information law would see every piece of filthy corruption that our glorious leaders have committed over the decades, come to light. Read the sign around donkey's neck, and heed it....


  1. It would hardly cost anything, if corrupt people were all sacked, as the only reason most people access the FOI is to complain about corruption. The money saved paying corrupt people would more than pay for the FOI admin!

  2. Let me see 5.3 million to get rid of Hypocrisy, Lunacy, political paedophiles, massive wages for civil servants, and to get to know the 1000's of hidden secrets plus a newspaper who actually brings news to the people hmmmm??? I call that a bargain.

  3. "plus a newspaper who actually brings news to the people"

    Now the fight would be for the role as chief editor:
    Ian, Stuart, Neil or Rico _ in no particular order

    The Beano is not the Rag

  4. A four way partnership sounds good :)