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Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Any Cost Of Fighting Government Secrecy Is Worth It" screw the ministers

Ministers warn of high cost of Freedom law

MINISTERS say that the cost of a law fighting government secrecy will run into many millions of pounds.
In the run-up to Tuesday’s debate on the new Freedom of Information Law, the Council of Ministers has published a report putting the cost of implementing the legislation at a minimum of £5.6m, followed by running costs of £1.3m per year.
They say that while they ‘fully support the principles of openness, transparency and access to information’, there is no provision for the spending in the Draft Business Plan setting out proposals for spending in 2012.

Jersey's Laughing Stock are at it again, yesterday it was the Bayleaf's Broadcasting Company, today it's the turn of our "filthy rag" to waffle the mandatory garbage to the Jersey public. They are desperately trying to convince the public that a Freedom Of Information Law would be a waste of the taxpayers hard earned cash!

What it would really do is see the final nail in the Oligarchy Coffin, but no mention of that? Nope, a freedom of information law would see every piece of filthy corruption that our glorious leaders have committed over the decades, come to light. Read the sign around donkey's neck, and heed it....

Friday, 29 April 2011

"Jersey Corruption Set To Continue - As We Predicted"

Jersey freedom of information law would
'cost too much'

This document should have been dated ( 301- ) that's how backwards Jersey is!

Jersey's Council of Ministers said it could not support the freedom of information law because of how much it would cost to implement and run.
It said that it fully supported the principles of the law, but it was inadequately resourced and had little chance of success.
The law would allow people to access information from public bodies such as the States and the parish.
The freedom of information law will be debated on 3 May 2011.
The Council of Ministers said it was committed to the concept of openness and transparency.
It said there would need to be cuts in the business plan and strategic plan to afford the £5.6m needed to implement it, and the £1.3m a year afterwards.


SO, AS WE PREDICTED, our lying cheating politicians take another rather large (but expected) dump on us. Our Shysters in office released the following statement "The Council of Ministers said it was committed to the concept of openness and transparency" then immediately block us from gaining access to the evidence of their crimes over the decades. "The Jersey Way".

In one of our postings on this subject, we ran with the title of this green link. "Promises, Promises - If Approved??? - Won't Hold My Breath Then" Do you think we were right? Jersey corruption is just so disgustingly predictable these days, and so are our halfwits in the Council of Ministers. One comment that I made in this posting was "Myself and VFC are absolutely correct, there is more chance of a pork chop in a synagogue than there is of the Jersey Establishment handing over damning evidence! Stuart's cases are the only chance that Jersey's plebs have of ever achieving justice or democracy in Jersey. if Stuart fails, it's over, period!!!"

Another posting covered our rotten "Jersey Evening Post" claim in this green link. "J.E.P Claims To Be Supporter Of Freedom Of Information!!!" whatever next? Jersey Government is awash with liars and swindlers, and the few who aren't, have little or no inclination to do anything about those who are! It is high time the Jersey public got off their arses and demanded the resignation of the Council Of Ministers!!!

I would very much like to see the likes of Trevor Pitman, Daniel Wimberley, Monty Tadier, Francis Le Gresley and Bob Hill writing to the Queen, and Prime Minister, explaining how Jersey is descending into the depths of HELL. Of course, such a letter would be more of a novel as it would encompass many volumes on corruption and malfeasance's in Government.

"It Is Election Year - And Don't You Dare Forget It"

Perhaps It Is Time For Stuart Syvret To Run Again!!!

Yours truly, at the 2010 London Rally Against Child Abuse

"Clandestine Jersey - Island Of Secrets"

Secret report focus of States questions

A SECRET report on rich residents is the focus of questions in the States Chamber again on Tuesday.
The £65,000 report is about the economic effect of super-rich immigrants who come to live in Jersey under the 1(1)k rules – and an attempt is being made to force its publication under anti-secrecy rules.
Assistant Treasury Minister Eddie Noel revealed the existence of the report in the States a month ago, but refused to release it.

"What Is Le Marquand Up To Now?"

Changes proposed to the Jersey sex offenders law 

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Jersey's Home Affairs Minister wants to make a number of changes to the sex offenders law.
The law came into force early in 2011 but the minister wants to make 11 changes to the law's wording.
Among the amendments are plans to change the way people will be tested on their likelihood of re-offending.
Senator Ian Le Marquand wants to remove the reference to the seriousness of the past offence and add the risk of sexual harm to the public.
The proposals change the deciding factors for removing a name from the register.
It also expands the power of the law to find out if the person has travelled outside of Jersey and make them give more details of where they have been.

Just what are these proposed changes, and why are they not being listed?
Ian Le Marquand wants to make 11 changes to the law's wording.
I can just see one of them now!!!

"No Jersey Paedophile Is To Be Classed As A Paedophile"

Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Paedophile Jersey Policeman - Not To Be Classed As A Paedophile???" only in Jersey!!!

Remember the rules - left click on the pic to read it

Incredible Jersey, only two and a half years for Paedo copper!!!

"More Erosion Of Standards In Jersey"

Deputy Chief Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf, explains why a civil partnership law has taken so long to arrive in Jersey

Jersey's politicians are set to debate a civil partnership law within the next two months.

Gay couples have been able to tie the knot in the UK since 2005, but although it was approved in principle in Jersey 18 months ago, there is still no law to allow civil partnerships to take place.

A draft law on civil partnerships will be lodged in June and debated in July and it is hoped it will come into force early next year.

The Deputy Chief Minister says there is a good reason for why it has taken so long to bring forward legislation - because there is a knock-on effect to other areas of law.

Senator Philip Ozouf said: "It's not simply a case of drafting a piece of legislation about civil partnerships.

"There's a whole load of consequential legislation on inheritance, on tax in my own area of Treasury and Resources, Social Security, all sorts of other Department legislation that has to reflect the legal status of a civil partnership to put civil partnerships on the same basis as marriage in the eyes of the State."

"This Case Cannot Be Won - You Owe Us £6,000?" PART FOUR

Please click on the green links to read PART 1 , PART 2 and PART 3 


So, here we go again, delving into the murky waters of part four in this travesty of "alleged" justice! Robert Paul Mallett, instigator and bully, looked after by the system and escaping unpunished for a vile assault on Nathanial Le Corre. Myself and the Le Corre family sat around a coffee table, doing the work that others in the Jersey Justice System should have been doing!

During the discussions, Nathanial innocently lets slip that he has not received the other photo's that the police surgeon had taken! "other photo's?" I squirmed, "well, ten were taken at the police station" he uttered....I starred at his sister who was somewhat embarrassed that she had forgotten to notify me of the other photographs, she being a very astute young lady and all.

So, to add to the oddities already revealed in this case, Nathanial's advocate is not disclosing "ALL" the evidence to his own client? OR, the powers that be are not disclosing all the evidence to his Advocate? 'THE JERSEY WAY'. This submission alone would be enough to recover Nathanial's costs in full from this perverted, twisted, evil, corrupt system, either on the grounds that his advocate had been lied to, or his advocate had lied to him!!!!!!!!! Either way, there was a most profound deception that took place. Whats the betting that the advocate gets the blame for this deception, and on a technicality? £6,000 friggin quids worth of deception!!!

I immediately told Nathanial to fire his Advocate, and I explained why! Nathanial is not stupid, or an idiot, he is just a trusting, decent, caring guy who believes in decent human beings, in this case, much to his detriment. Nathanial, not having lived in my world, could not comprehend that there was a conspiracy that was influencing his case.

Myself, being somewhat of an expert on Jersey Corruption and 'The Jersey way', and having gone through the hoops, false imprisonment, corruption, doctored evidence, and denial on the part of the Jersey thugs, etc, etc, etc, etc..... demanded that Nathanial write to the police immediately and request full disclosure of the evidence as he would be representing himself from now on. What we got back was half baked bullshit and nonsense from Jersey's corrupted police force. All we asked for, is what we were legally entitled to, ALL THE EVIDENCE, AND IN IT'S ENTIRETY!!!

This however, proved to be somewhat of a mammoth struggle, even though the case is now deemed over by our corrupt authorities, we still cannot get access to full disclosure from our corrupted Jersey system!

Oh, Crap, Sorry! where you readers expecting some photographs at this stage? haha, you were weren't you? well, you will just have to wait another couple of days for those. This blog is not called "Jersey's Evening Propaganda" for nothing. We are stringing this out as long as we can, just the same as our half witted counterparts do at the "Jersey Evening Post". SORRY GUYS N GIRLS :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"The Jersey Sea Cadets - Is It Safe For Children Now?"

Jersey sea cadets may get new home at St Helier harbour

Fort Regent 

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Jersey's sea cadets could have a permanent home near the St Helier harbour.
There are proposals for a new building on the Old South Pier to replace the current headquarters at Fort Regent.
Deputy Ian Gorst said the sea cadets headquarters at the Fort were in need of renovation.
But he said any work on the current building would be a waste of money, as they would need to move for any development at the site.
Deputy Gorst wants to protect a site at the Old South Pier near St Helier Harbour.
He said it has already been considered as a site for the organisation which teaches youngsters about the sea.
He is asking the States to allocate the area for community use, to include development of a headquarters for the sea cadets.

Anyone wishing to understand the title I have used for this article, please click on THIS GREEN LINK

"Criminals Could Be Repatriated"

Jersey's prison population could be cut by quarter

Jersey's prison population could be reduced by almost a quarter, saving the island almost £3 million.

New legislation to send foreign prisoners back to their home countries is being proposed by the Home Affairs Minister.

Senator Ian Le Marquand is looking for the law, which has been enforced in the UK since 1984, to be put in place in Jersey.

Legal powers in Jersey are currently able to recommend prisoners for deportation, but only after they have served their sentence here.

The Repatriation of Prisoners Law would enable the Court to issue a warrant for the transfer of a prisoner instead, so that they serve their sentence outside of the British Isles.

Under the new law, 49 out of the 186 prisoners currently at Le Moye would be candidates for repatriation.

The law will require more co-operation between Jersey and foreign authorities, as the transfer can only be made with the agreement and terms of that other jurisdiction.

"At Last Some Sense"

New mothers ‘are going back to work too soon’

Jersey Child Care Trust executive director Fiona Vacher

NEW mothers are being forced to put their health and that of their baby at risk by returning to work just two weeks after giving birth, a local charity has revealed.
The Jersey Childcare Trust has said it receives requests for information about childcare options from some women just days after they have had a baby because, as Jersey does not currently have a law on maternity leave, they feel they have no other choice but to go back to work immediately.
Director of the Trust, Fiona Vacher, said the fact that some women were being forced back into work so soon because they were worried about money or losing their job was simply ‘shocking’.
She has welcomed proposals to introduce the Island’s first law on maternity leave, which is due to be brought to the States by the Social Security Minister before October’s elections.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

"This Case Cannot Be Won - You Owe Us £6,000?" PART THREE

Please click on the green links to read PART 1 and PART 2

SO, here we go with part three, and the oddities begin!

Nathanial Le Corre savagely bitten and his eyes gouged at by Robert Paul Mallett, left the police station UNCHARGED after the case had been looked into by C.I.D officer Paul Moisan. Mallett was charged with Grave & Criminal Assault and the case was sent up to the Royal Court as Mallett had used his teeth as a weapon.

Officer Paul Moisan had spent a day finding Mallett's brother, who was a witness and managed to get hold of Robert Mallett the day after that. There were also two independent witnesses one of which made a statement, the other, the son of a friend of mine, was to scared to be a witness after seeing what Mallett was capable of.

At some point in the proceedings the prosecutor (Julian Gollop) and the Attorney General (Tim Le Cocq) in their wisdom, had decided that Robert Paul Mallett should "NOT" stand trial for Grave & Criminal Assault??? His charge was then downgraded to "A BREECH OF THE PEACE"!!! Incredible as this next part is, the Attorney General then decided that Nathanial Le Corre should ALSO be charged with breech of the peace? The Attorney General got word to Detective Paul Moisan to charge Nathanial with breech of the peace, and again, Paul Moisan REFUSED to charge Nathanial with any crime in relation to this incident. Subsequently, Detective Paul Moisan then found himself back on the beat!!! I wonder why?

Left click on the pic to read
The Attorney General then indicted Nathanial Le Corre (through the post) on a charge of breech of the peace and Nathanial was told to get a lawyer. Nathanial applied for legal aid and was refused, within two hours I believe? this has to be a record for a legal aid refusal.

SO, Mallett went to court for breech of the peace and pleaded "NOT GUILTY"??? CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? He has just got away with a few years in jail by having his charges dropped from Grave & Criminal Assault, and he pleads NOT GUILTY to a breech of the peace. I would suggest that anyone in their right mind would have been over the moon at only having to face a breech of the peace charge for the damage inflicted on Nathanial! Yet Mallett goes not guilty, is this sheer arrogance or something more sinister?

Mallett is then sent for trial in the Royal Court and gets ACQUITTED of breech of the peace!!!

The prosecution only asked one question of the independent witness, and that was "did you see Mallett run at Le Corre?" The witness replied "YES I DID, that is exactly what happened". Strangely enough though, the independent witness's statement was very damning to Mallett's defence, but was never used in court??? The judge when summing up, tells the jury this one question for them to ponder on...."if you think Mallett went willingly into the fight then he is guilty, if you do not think he was willing, then he is innocent" ????????????

So, Mallett has gotten away Scott free with his disgusting assault on Nathanial, and Nathanial was now standing as the victim, and the only person who would be punished in this case as he had been instructed by his lawyer to plead guilty!!! According to someone who attended court, Mallett was sat there with a smug grin on his face throughout the proceedings. Did he already know he was not going to be found guilty? Could the jury have been rigged? A few ringers thrown in there to make sure there were not sufficient numbers to find him guilty by a majority? Why was he (on the face of it) looking like he was being protected?

A commenter on part two left a clue to Mallett's remarkable escapology feats, and I quote:
Anonymous said...

"Robert Paul Marrett has apparently been recently charged of other offenses and let off without so much as a slap on the wrist, something tells me perhaps a police informant with special privileges to be up and above the law?"

I sat with the Le Corre family on a number of occasions and we tried hard to work out why he was being molly coddled by the Jersey Justice System? We too thought that it might be that he was (possibly) an informant, this would be a reasonable explanation for his mild treatment. His home address and associates etc, did not fit the criteria of someone who would have connections in high places.

It was on the third visit to the Le Corre family that I learned of the photographs? Not the three we put up in part 2 of this story, but the other seven photographs that I had not been told about, taken by the police surgeon. This new information had put a whole new prospective on the shenanigans going on in this case, and it was for the first time that we were able to put the pieces together.

I will be back on Tuesday with part four, the photographs....

Saturday, 23 April 2011

"No Rights In Jersey For Mothers To Be"

Ray Shead - his attitude strange & weird

EMPLOYERS would find it hard to cope if Jersey had a law on maternity leave in line with the UK, the Chamber of Commerce has said.
Instead, president of the Chamber Ray Shead believes that current proposals to introduce a minimum 18 weeks leave for women who have just had a baby, with just two weeks of that paid leave, are more realistic and suitable for a small economy like Jersey.
He added that the plans, which are due to be brought to the States before October’s elections, were needed to bring Jersey into the 21st century.

Maternity law: Plans ‘shameful’

Jersey Community Relations Trust chairwoman Dr Elena Moran

FIERCE criticism has been levelled at plans to introduce a law on maternity leave in Jersey because it will still leave the Island lagging far behind its UK and European counterparts.
Under current proposals women who have worked for an employer for at least 15 months would be entitled to18 weeks off work after they have had a baby, with two of those weeks paid. In the UK the current legal minimum is 26 weeks paid leave with a further 26 weeks unpaid.
The stark difference has led to the plans from the Social Security department being branded ‘inadequate’ and ‘shameful’ and there are now calls for them to be completely rethought in a bid to bring the Island into line with other modern jurisdictions.
Chairman of the Jersey Community Relations Trust Dr Elena Moran is one critic of the proposals, which are due to be put to the States before October’s election. Her comments have been echoed by local Advocate Barbara Corbett who said the proposals were ‘watered down’ and simply not good enough.

"Lunatic Jersey At It Again"

No wonder he looks annoyed!!!

A TOWN trader who fought a seven-month battle to get a six-foot temporary sign approved says that the planning system is a farce.
Barry Jenkins, who runs Fotosound in Charing Cross, says that rather than helping to promote businesses, the States are just getting in the way.
He had to put a formal application into Planning for the temporary sign, which advertises promotions in the store, and says he had to jump through hoops to appease the Planning and Transport departments.
While Mr Jenkins had support from the Parish of St Helier, the departments were concerned that the sign would be a hazard for pedestrians.
Environment Minister Freddie Cohen said that he sympathised with Mr Jenkins – and added that new rules out in the next few weeks would simplify the way that signage applications were handled and would exempt most signage.

Friday, 22 April 2011

"Four Months Is Not Long Enough To Understand THE JERSEY WAY"

Purporter Insular Vale speaking to Chief Officer Bowron about his first four months in the job.

It's been nearly four months since Mike Bowron, the former Commissioner of the City of London Police, took over as Chief of Police in Jersey.

On arrival he was determined to cut crime, reduce fear of crime and increase police presence on the island's streets.

Already islanders have witnessed more bobbies on the beat, as well as more rigorous and frequent road checks, be it speed checks, seatbelt checks or other road safety checks.

And as it turns out visiblity has been one of his main priorities.

"You can't have too many priorities," said Mr Bowron, "but for me visibility and a friendlier, warmer image so hence you'll see some white shirts rather than sort of black nylon shirts. More visibility, going down to single patrol except for Friday and Saturday nights which effectively doubles visibility in terms fo cars and beat patrols. We've re-opened the town office over the road there which has been lying empty for the last eight years, I understand- and getting cops out on the beat at peak times so they're seen by most of the population.

"Road crashes have been a big issue for me. I think far too many serious and injury crashes in Jersey, it's about one a day, injury crashes- hence speed campaigns, safety belt campaigns and it's just getting the message across to people. There are very courteous drivers in Jersey but far too many crashes. And you know driving is a responsibility, you know a tonne and a half of metal you know, hold the wheel and take it seriously."

And what about feedback from islanders?

"Yeah, very positive, there's some implied criticism that because we've increased visibility by day then something must be drawn off nights but it's just not so. The night-time economy is another priority clearly, but you know I've been out to see all the nightclubs and most of the pubs in uniform, and you know it's no worse here than anywhere else in the UK and I can assure you of that. And we double our capability on a Friday and Saturday night between 9 o'clock and 2am in the morning. So there's two shifts overlapping. So we haven't denuded those resources. We're just policing smarter."

Improving the feeling of safety amongst islanders hasn't been his only focus. Improving morale internally has also been important. Jersey Police, has been subject to intense scrutiny in the last few years, and Mr Bowron's attention to the "shop window" as he calls it, has already gone some way to bridging the distance between the force and the public.

"It is about self belief," said Mr Bowron, "and self esteem and you know, lets make no mistake, the States of Jersey Police have had a difficult time over the last two or three years and we've got to move onwards and upwards and just restore that.... you know morale is not bad and it wasn't bad when I came here, you know, I think that gets inflated. But it's just about improving self-esteem, self confidence, and feeling that we're at one with the public."

Mr Bowron is regularly seen walking through town in uniform himself, often sacrificing his lunch hour in order to walk the beat.

"Well I don't need to prove or say I'm a frustrated beat officer," he said. "I've been a beat officer, I've marched my beat in Brighton years ago- but I actually enjoy it. I balance my day and I do all the strategic things I've got to do and I do all the meetings I have to do but I don't take a lunch hour but I always come down to town and have a walk round.

"If I were in the city, my last job as Commissioner, I found that everyone was walking at four miles an hour with an I-phone in one hand and a skinny latte in the other and nobody wanted to talk. Here they want to talk and I absolutely love it."

His Easter will be spent in Jersey, with his wife who's a police officer on the Olympic team. On their agenda is walking as much as possible of the North Coast and enjoying the warm weather. But he also has some official engagements including the Charity Duck race and dinner with the island's honorary police.

"It's all part of the job and I love it" he said.

I am wondering if Mr Bowron will love it as much when he realizes just what it is that he has stepped into?

He appears to be a straight forward and decent enough guy, what will he do when "The Jersey Way" comes calling and demanding he goes against everything he was tutored to believe in? What of that day? If he is a cop of the calibre of Harper & Power, he is going to wish he had never heard of Jersey....And, he will do exactly what Lenny & Graham did. That, I would love to see.

Good luck Mr Bowron, I think you are going to need it.

"Jersey Takes Another Beating"

Oliver Thring says Jersey's Royals Suck

Jersey mocked in national food critic's report

A food critic writing for the Guardian newspaper has slammed Jersey's long tradition of fine food, calling it uninspiring and mocking the island's culture.

Oliver Thring, a writer and blogger for the national newspaper, even compared eating some oysters here to "chewing condom".

He says of our famous food culture: "On an island you could fit into Zone 3 on the tube, with a native population smaller than Carlisle's, it quickly emerges that there isn't much of it [food].

"You'd have thought the fish would be fantastic, but 90% of the catch is shellfish, and 95% of that is crab and lobster. Nobody apart from the odd chef seems particularly interested in what the industry calls wet fish, and the best lobsters come from colder waters anyway."

Referring to eating some oysters from a local street seller near 'the harbour', he says: "It's exactly like chewing condom."

Mr Thring is also pretty damning about Jersey's local culture.

He moaned: "The island is still split into parishes for administration, each headed by a constable supported by a volunteer police force. The doleful national anthem is Ma Normandie. The local accent is remarkable, a drawled, glottal muddle of Sith Ifrickan and jarring francophone: they 'plont' potatoes and visit 'Fronce'."

The only thing Mr Thring seems worthy of praise is Jersey's milk, commenting: "The milk is astonishingly good". Though he does go on to criticise the fact that the island chooses not to export it.

And he goes on to give a damning report of our most famous export - Jersey Royals.

He says: "I've been brought up to believe that Jersey royals are the best potatoes in the world. The received wisdom and the marketing seeped through, and like many people who care about food I'd looked forward to their annual appearance in the way you greet early asparagus and the first knobbly morels.

"In a half-empty and expensive restaurant on the island I eat some tiny outdoor-grown Jersey royals, little bigger than peas. I bring some larger ones home with me. And it's the same both times: they taste no better than ordinary supermarket spuds. What I'd been tasting was expectation, advertorial, the fragrance of cultivated illusion. I won't bother in future."

His only kind words were for St Brelade restaurant, the Oyster Box.

He says: "I was disappointed by the food on Jersey, but there were two good things. One was a lovely restaurant called Oyster Box overlooking the cream sand and cobalt sea of St Brelade's Bay, where we ate scallops and chorizo to the yelps of kids kicking a ball around with a brine-haired dog. The other was the closest thing I found to a local speciality, a jar of something called black butter, a tarry, spiced apple jam. I picked it up at the airport from a shop selling tourist tat, which means that the best Jersey food I tried was in my own kitchen, smeared on English toast."

If you can bear to read more, you can see the whole article on the following link:

If you can bear to read more??? That sentence just sums up Jersey's media attitude.

Why can Jersey not take fair criticism from outside of Jersey, even inside for that matter?

The truth is that "Jersey Royals are crap" just tasteless, expensive garbage with all the flavour of a ceramic tile!!! I have eaten many as they used to be fabulous potatoes, but over the last 15 years they have become as bland as the Bailiff's annual public address. Perhaps our farmers should go back to the old methods of fertilization instead of filling the earth with toxins and making veggies tasteless.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

"Immigration 'is out of control' Just Like Our Politicians, Judiciary, Police, Hospital, Government"

Deputy Paul Le Claire

MINISTERS have let immigration run out of control with the number of newcomers almost double the government target during the past five years, a States Deputy has revealed.
Deputy Paul Le Claire said that since 2006 immigration had been almost twice the 325 per year approved by the States.
His figures – confirmed by the States’ Statistics Unit – show that the ministerial target has been blown away by an average rate of 640 over five years, and 700 over the last three years.
He says that his figures show that ministers have lost control of how many people are moving to the Island, and that the influx will have a huge impact on housing, education, health and other public services.

"The Logic Of Jersey's Political Clowns"

40 Watts - Senator Alan Maclean
ISLANDERS would be better off without a pay rise this year, the Economic Development Minister said yesterday.
Speaking following the release of the latest inflation-rate figures which show prices have risen on average by 3.1 per cent in the past 12 months, Senator Alan Maclean warned that wage rises would fuel retail price index rises and could lead to job losses.
He says that Islanders need to accept the ‘difficult message’ adding that the economy was still vulnerable.

Remind me again, how much a year do we pay this halfwit???

"Buy One Home For The Price Of Two"

40 Watts - Senator Ben Shenton
A SCHEME which allows Islanders to buy family homes at a discounted price has ‘numerous flaws’ and is not fit for purpose or sustainable, a damning report says.The Jersey Homebuy scheme, which allows Islanders to buy a three-bedroom house at a discounted price, could trap people in homes with mortgage debts exceeding the value of their property, the States spending watchdog has said.
The Public Accounts Committee, chaired by Senator Ben Shenton, yesterday released a highly critical report on the Homebuy scheme, which was pioneered by Environment Minister Freddie Cohen.

Giving any of the plebs some sort of deal or reduction in price on anything in Jersey seems to upset most politicians. Why is it that there is always a problem when someone poor attempts to climb life's ladder!

The sole problem with people and mortgages is the greedy banks, nothing else, just the greedy pigs who own the banks. By the time you own your own home, you have paid for it twice! Why? The banks don't actually lend you the money, if they did, you would have to pick it up in a suitcase and go and pay the owner of the house you are buying.

NO, all they basically do is type on a computer keyboard that you will be paying X amount every month until the day you die, yup, it's that simple. About twice what you 'allegedly' borrowed is about par for the course, buying the bank the same home as you own in the process. When governments start passing legislation to curb the greed of the banks, then we will all have a chance to climb life's ladder instead of spending a lifetime stepping up and down the first rung.

In the not to distant future when the worlds food supply starts running out, then money and banks will be worthless, and the rich and corrupt will see how the other half have suffered.

"when the last fish is caught, the last buffalo hunted, and the last stream poisoned, will the white man realize he cannot eat money."

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

"A Rather Important Message From Aangirfan - That Will Touch Us All Eventually"

Gratitude and thanks to for this valuable information. Cheers pal :)



Simple foods provide protection against radiation exposure

"Sulfur-containing antioxidants found in ... broccoli, kale, and cabbage, have been found to provide protection against radiation exposure through their detoxifying properties.

"Pectin in fruits has also been shown to reduce levels of the radioactive substance Cs-137...

"A study published in Russia ... used concentrates of dietary fiber from lemon peel and beet root among other plants and found that the fiber did have radioprotective properties. The authors concluded that concentrated dietary fiber can be used ... to accelerate the elimination of nuclides or radioactive elements."

"The Swedish Government monitored the radiation level of foods following the Chernobyl disaster. They found that most animal based foods including meat, dairy, and fish had higher levels of radioactive substances than fruits, vegetables, grains, and potatoes."

Various foods may help guard against radiation (ESSENCETIAL LIFE: RADIATION Protection Foods etc / Nuclear Radiation Protection with Nutrition The No Diet Blog)



If your body lacks calcium, potassium and other nutrients, it will more readily absorb the radioactive elements, so eat plenty of the following:

Bananas, sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, green leafy veg, black beans, apricots, avocados, brussel sprouts, dates, figs, potatoes, prunes, raisins, tomatoes, mint, dandelion, celery, carrots

Black Strap Molasses, Apple Cider Vinegar

Vitamin B3 (Niacin / Nicotinic Acid)

Seaweeds, shellfish, and butter (contain Iodine)

Green tea, eggs, tumeric.

AVOID taking too much of any of the above. Taking a lot of beetroot juice, for example, can make your urine turn red!

"The JEP Writes Tribute To The Clown Prince"

Our Clown Prince
HOME Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand made little attempt to mince his words when he explained why more senior police officers have been recruited from the UK. He said that there were no ‘suitable’ local officers to step into any of the four top jobs which needed to be filled.
Senator Le Marquand was equally blunt when he said that he did not want a repetition of the mistakes made by the Island force in dealing with the Haut de la Garenne inquiry or the Curtis Warren case.
A major part of the Senator’s ministerial responsibility is to see that the Island is policed adequately and effectively. It no doubt took a degree of personal and political courage to make it clear so publicly that there were no acceptable candidates in the ranks of the States police for the posts that had to be filled. In addition, the Senator will have been fully aware that his decision and his statement would not endear him to those officers who have missed promotion – or, indeed, many of their colleagues.
In spite of difficulties that he might now face in dealing with rank and file officers, he is to be applauded not only for grasping a particularly prickly nettle but also for speaking out so frankly.
There are, however, steps which must now be taken at the political and at force level to limit future recruitment from the UK. Essentially, this means that training and staff development procedures that appear to have failed in recent years must be revised. It is anything but unreasonable to expect the most senior positions in the force to be filled by natural progression through the hierarchy if talent is spotted and fostered properly. This process has worked in the past and there are no reasons why it should not work in the future.
Meanwhile, although Senator Le Marquand chose to speak of a lack of suitable candidates in a way which focused attention on the possible shortcomings of individuals, the issues at the heart of the promotion problem are likely to have far more to do with the system in which officers have operated rather than with the officers themselves.
As the Jersey Police Association has pointed out, employing people from the UK offers no guarantee of effective policing if the correct structures, checks and balances are not in place. We should remember that whereas the Curtis Warren irregularities were a home-grown complication, the fiasco of Haut de la Garenne was the responsibility of senior personnel who were appointed on the supposed strength of experience and abilities that were ultimately found lacking.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"Another Suicide In Happy Jersey"

Rest In Peace pal

A man who is known to me has killed himself in Jersey.

The man 59, who I shall not name (as I am not aware that relatives have been informed) hired a nailgun and fired it into his skull, later dying of his injuries.

I will post this story at a later date as there are issues that need addressing, and while we are here, will ask why there appears to be NO reporting of this incident?

Another statistical cover up....

"Yet Another Jersey Paedo Gets The Mandatory ONE YEAR"

Simon Green jailed for a year

A PORN-ADDICTED DJ who had over a million X-rated photographs and videos on his computer – including more than 2,000 featuring children – has been jailed.
Simon Green, of Plat Douet Road, St Saviour, was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment by the Royal Court on Friday.
The 36-year-old admitted downloading the indecent pictures and films of minors – including children as young as five performing sex acts – onto several home computers and external hard-drives.

Sorry I have been away for a few days, someone screwing with my Internet connection AGAIN!!!

Above, we have the latest scum to hit the headlines and the JEP have taken my advice to issue photograph of said vermin!!!

Jeez.... I must be doing something right!!!

Friday, 15 April 2011

"The Guernsey Press Lead The Way In Channel Island Reporting"

Vile scum Hughes
BRAVERY comes in many forms and today we see an example of a very personal kind of courage on our centre pages.
From the outside, Zibby Yates looks like a happy, beautiful young woman. But inside, as our feature reveals, her life was changed forever when she became the victim of a paedophile at the age of eight.
Unknown to her loving, supportive and happy family, she was sexually abused for years by her then judo instructor Eugene Hughes.
Decades later, after she and other victims came forward to tell their stories, he was jailed for six-and-a-half-years.
Recently the ordeal looked set to come back to haunt her when he applied and failed to obtain early release. Yet an appeal can be lodged again and, either way, he will be out of prison after serving only two-thirds of his sentence.
While for most people the trauma of privately recounting such devastating memories to professional counsellors ahead of the trial would have been enough, today Zibby’s bravery continues.
For the first time she is revealing her identity, no small thing in such a close-knit community as Guernsey, in a bid to help support and raise local awareness of the suffering endured by victims of paedophiles.
Her ultimate aim is to help warn others of the risks to their children and to ensure the treatment offenders receive is sufficient, so that hopefully no other child has their innocence stolen and life changed forever.

Hetrophile - Eugene Hughes
 In the first of a series this week, she is urging others affected in this way to contact her in confidence to help build a picture of the true situation that exists in Guernsey and how support could be improved.
And to back Zibby’s courageous stance, her parents have also agreed to tell their story in a three-page special report tomorrow.
They reveal their devastation, guilt and pain on hearing of their daughter’s abuse, something Zibby could not bring herself to speak of until more than 20 years later.
Readers have sometimes questioned our reporting of paedophile offences and convictions in the island. For some it is often uncomfortable to read about, understand or even accept that such terrible things really do go on in our community.
But far more have welcomed the coverage, believing it is only through addressing and challenging such social taboos that our children will become safer from predators.
So while Zibby’s story may be a difficult one to hear, it is vital that it is told.

"Top Police Jobs - No Local Officers Good Enough"

THERE were no suitable officers in the States police to fill either of the two new Superintendent posts, the Home Affairs Minister has said.
That is why recruits were brought in from the UK.
Two UK officers, Stewart Gull and Bernard Gravett, are taking up the Superintendent Head of Crime and Superintendent Head of Operations posts.
Senator Ian Le Marquand said that he needed officers with extensive experience to avoid the problems associated with the historical abuse inquiry and the Curtis Warren drugs case.

SO, according to Le Marquand:

Senator Ian Le Marquand said that "he needed officers with extensive experience to avoid the problems associated with the historical abuse inquiry and the Curtis Warren drugs case." The problems with the Curtis Warren case are plain to see, corrupt policemen!

The problems that were associated with the historical abuse inquiry were of Le Marquand's, and other politicians and local despots own making! IT'S CALLED CORRUPTION & COVER UP!

RICO SORDA has just published a post today covering this very topic, please click on the green link below to get a real idea of "The Jersey Way"

"Another Piece Of Scum In Jersey"

Deportation for drug smuggler on release

Mahfuz Ahmed - scum to be deported
A DRUGS smuggler serving a four-year jail term should be deported from Jersey, the Superior Number of the Royal Court said this week.
The decision to deport UK resident Mahfuz Ahmed (22) was made even though it was likely to mean that he would also be made to leave England, where he has lived for 11 years.
The court heard that when he was caught trying to bring heroin into Jersey last year the UK Border Agency were considering his asylum application. He had only been granted limited leave to remain in the UK when he arrived there.
Wednesday’s decision in the Royal Court could mean that he has to go straight back to his original birthplace in Bangladesh once his sentence ends.

"Yet Another Life Lost To Suicide - Time For Human Rights In Jersey"

Jersey working class are sick of the oppressive regime we live under, time for politicians to act!!!

The body of a man discovered in woodland in St Saviour is that of a man who went missing over a week ago.

Police announced today (Friday) the body found is that of Richard James Burns.

The 45-year-old vanished last Sunday (3rd April) after last being seen at 10.30pm that evening.

Mr Burns was found hanging in the woodland near Swan Lane in St Saviour by a member of the public on Tuesday.

Police said Mr Burns' identity has been confirmed by an orthodontist.

An inquest into his death will take place in due course. Next of kin have been informed.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

"Heroin Dealing Scum - Off The Streets"

A DRUGS mule who smuggled heroin with a street value of £55,000 into Jersey has been jailed for 6½ years by the Superior Number of the Royal Court.
Mohammed Kamruz Zaman had already smuggled heroin into Jersey at least three times before he was caught on his latest trip, the court heard yesterday.
He has only been in the Island six months and had been working in Indian restaurants around Jersey.

One thing (other than the obvious) that has drawn my attention to this story, especially the photograph, is the fact that Jersey's "discredited" media never ever put a photograph up of a paedophile or drug dealer? Unless of course, they want to make an example of them for OTHER reasons!

SO, come on States of Jersey Child Rape Party, let's start seeing the perpetrators of child abuse & drug pushing slashed all over our screens from now on....



Skin Care - by Heroin
Only 5 years to acheive this look

Stone Dead - John Courtney 21 years old
Friend of singer Cheryl Cole

Another Before & After
Before was 1998 - After was 2002

27-year-old Rachael Keogh.
Heroin Addict Being Eaten Alive By Infection (1)
May have to have arms amputated

Close up of Rachael Keogh (above)

Too Many Needles - The veins just can't cope

Stone Dead - Rachel Whitear 21 years old
Suffered severe allergic reaction to Heroin

Heroin - The Effects (if your lucky!!!)

"Ferry Crash: Don’t reach any conclusions yet, say Condor"

Condor are co-operating with the investigation
CONDOR Ferries has urged people not to ‘reach any conclusions’ about last month’s crash which claimed the life of a French father of four.
Philippe Lesaulnier (42) died shortly after the Condor Vitesse high-speed ferry collided with his whelk boat in thick fog.
French police and maritime authorities have launched an inquiry into the crash, and this week confirmed that they are investigating manslaughter and involuntary wounding charges.
In a statement released yesterday, Simon Edsall, managing director of Condor Ferries, said that the firm would continue to co-operate with investigators.
He said: ‘Condor Ferries, its officers and crew continue to co-operate fully with the investigations being carried out by the French and Jersey authorities into the collision.
‘As I am sure you will understand, until the investigations are complete neither the company nor its officers will be in a position to make any further comment, and it would be inappropriate for anyone to reach any conclusions without the benefit of the full facts.’

"Something To Look Forwards To In Old Age"

ISLANDERS will have to work until they are 67 proposals if the States agree proposals out today.
Increases to the current retirement age of 65 would be staggered from 2020 to 2031, to fill a predicted hole in the Social Security Fund which pensions are paid from.
Under the proposals by Social Security Minister Ian Gorst, those aged 57 and over now would be unaffected, but the staggered rises would mean that anyone aged 47 and under would be working until they hit 67.
Those aged between 47 and 57 will retire at between 65 and 67.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

"Fluckin Bruddy Hell - They Swear On Cover-up TV!!!"

The Only Honest Reporting I Have Ever Heard From Cover-up TV

Shame she cannot pronounce W-anchor!
Especially as it's going out live

And they call us the serfs and Saxon scum

My thanks to Voice For Children for doing some more investigative journalism,
Oh, the irony of it all....

Rank-ine Amateurs

CTV apologises for Jess’s F-word in Channel Report

The moment when presenter Jess Dunsdon, left, used that word on air. It appears that rehearsal footage shot with co-presenter Mark McQuillan earlier that day found its way onto the CTV server and then on air.
The moment when presenter Jess Dunsdon, left, used that word on air. It appears that rehearsal footage shot with co-presenter Mark McQuillan earlier that day found its way onto the CTV server and then on air.

CHANNEL TELEVISION has apologised to viewers after presenter Jess Dunsdon was heard to use the F-word during yesterday’s edition of Channel Report.
CTV broadcast division managing director, Karen Rankine said the incident had resulted from a technical error and that footage from a rehearsal earlier in the day had inadvertently found its way into the live broadcast.
‘It was not a live moment in the programme,’ she said.
‘It was said in error in the studio and for some reason it found itself onto our server and into the broadcast
‘It’s regrettable and our presenters did apologise on air, but once it’s out, it’s out.
‘This was not something our presenters would ever do when they were live on air.’