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Saturday, 19 March 2011

"Want To Travel The World For Free? - Join Jersey Finance"

Next stop- the Middle East

A delegation of politicians and finance industry leaders from Jersey are heading for the Middle East to drum up business.

The delegation, led by Deputy Chief Minister Philip Ozouf, is flying to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. They're due to arrive on Sunday.

Meanwhile a similar flag-waving exercise in India has been a big success according to Jersey Finance boss Geoff Cook. He says the island has built on what were already strong links. The island has opened offices in India and the opportunity for new business is now said to be strong.

During the visit to Delhi it had been planned to sign a tax agreement between Jersey and India, but that has not yet happened. Mr Cook says the delay won't have any impact on business.

"TIEAs take a number of months to prepare and so it is understandable that on this occasion the formal signing could not be completed to coincide with our visit to India," he said.

"We have every confidence that the agreement will soon be in place and when it is, the platform for growing business between Jersey and India will be strengthened further."


  1. "Meanwhile a similar flag-waving exercise in India has been a big success according to Jersey Finance boss Geoff Cook."

    Well, that's not what we heard YESTERDAY. Yesterday it read something like this:

    "TREASURY Minister Philip Ozouf today refused to comment on why the signing of a historic tax agreement with India had been called off.
    The signing of this tax information exchange agreement was due to be the centrepiece of the current trade mission to Mumbai and Delhi, which has been months in the planning.
    Senator Ozouf was expected to put his signature to it today, alongside the Indian Minister of State from Revenue SS Shri Palanimanickam at the Ministry of Finance, in the capital of the sub-continent.
    However, the ceremony was called off and the document is having to be redrafted, apparently because Indian officials were not happy with what it said."


  2. What a Joke Ozouf and Cook claiming nothing is wrong re signing of an agreement in India why did they go now then? what IDIOTS they could not get something as strait forward as a signatures on a preplanned document, lack of planning as usual never mind it only tax payers money we can all have a second jolly to India. Now where are yes Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates should be good fun hope our paper work is better this time

  3. Hi Ian.

    Just put up the Audio of Questions without Notice from last Tuesday.

    You can have a listen Here