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Thursday, 24 March 2011

"Vandenborn Partner Will Fight To Keep Home"

Helen Bailey has vowed to fight to keep the family home

A DEFIANT mother has vowed to fight to keep her home after her paedophile partner lost a last-ditch appeal against a massive court costs order.

Leonard Vandenborn – serving 12 years for a series of sex attacks against two girls – this week launched a Court of Appeal bid to quash a £190,000 costs order and save his family from being forced to sell their home.

But the family are now facing an uncertain future after the judges threw out the appeal.
And their misery was compounded when the court ordered Vandenborn to also foot the costs of the appeal – believed to be up to £10,000.

The last time we aired this topic, a lady purporting to be Helen Bailey left a comment. She also stated in the comment that we did not have "the knowledge of the extensive corruption that exists in Jersey" which I personally found rather humorous. So we invited her side of the story, alas, we have heard nothing since!

Hellie said...
I am the "Deluded fiancee". I am not deluded. Unfortunately, because of legal reasons, you do not have all the facts on the background to this case, nor the knowledge of the extensive corruption that exists in Jersey. It is impossible to have a fair trial here. I would also like to add that it was me who pushed to have our wonderful miracle babies, as we were together 30 years ago but were split up and had no chance to have babies together then. I knew the women who accused him when they were children, and they were seriously screwed up then. Don't judge a situation without all the facts. Nobody who knows him believes he is guilty.
Helen Bailey

Ian Evans said...
Thank you for your imput Helen Bailey.

If you have anything to add to this statement, I would be very happy to put your side of the story.

Your assertion that I know nothing of the "extensive corruption that exists in Jersey" had me in fits I must confess.

You only need to read THIS to understand why I laughed, I just posted it an hour ago on my blog. This is just one of my cases Helen.



  1. Would Helen Bailey give VFC an interview?

  2. I am 100% sure that VFC would accomodate this lady, but will she get in touch?