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Saturday, 26 March 2011

"This Case Cannot Be Won - You Owe Us £6,000 ?" PART ONE

This is one of those Jersey In-Justice stories that is not quite as straight forward as it first appears! Having said that, the right thing was finally done in the Royal Court yesterday whereby the charge was dismissed.

I will be looking into this case in some detail over the forthcoming week, as it encompasses a whole multitude of sins and shenanigans. I was contacted by the Le Corre family and asked to look into this case in some depth. I spent three weeks going over the evidence, and made four visits to the family concerned. It was after the third visit that I was finally able to work out exactly what was going on in this case, and why?

The first piece of advice I gave Nathanial le Corre, was to fire his lawyer!!! The lawyer had told Nathanial to plead guilty from the outset as the case COULD NOT BE WON. Nathanial being clueless about the law, and a trusting decent guy, did as he was instructed by his lawyer. So, no work left for the lawyer to do except spend twenty minutes or so preparing his mitigation to the offence. Yet, Nathanial Le Corre was presented with a bill of nearly £6,000 and it would probably have been a couple of grand more if he had not fired his lawyer when he did! Mr le Corre was told he was not eligible for legal aid, and was also told that he had to have a lawyer?

Nathanial Le Corre, being the victim of a Grave & Criminal Assault, then found himself in court after the Jersey Police had twice refused to charge him? Finally being indicted by non other than the Attorney General himself, Tim Le Cocq. Why this witch hunt to get Nathanial charged? All will be revealed later in the week.


  1. Ah yes, the Professional Losers. I know someone else who had one of these sorts of corrupt lawyers. He is a man with Asperger Syndrome, and because of his disability kept getting sacked for not being very reliable at work - he was getting no support from the Social Services who should have been supporting him. He got muddled up claiming for benefits, and was taken to court for benefit fraud. The first thing the solicitor should have looked at was this mans diability, but that was completly overlooked, and the man was hammered by the judge. I know about this man because I tried to help him a few years later, after he tried to commit suicide. The saddest part about it is that the man is a genius, he has a special gift, as many Asperger people tend to have, he is a mathematical genius, and ought to have been an asset to this country. Instead, he has been labelled "BENEFIT CHEAT AND LOSER" by the State now. The solicitor he had acted in exactly the same way as you have described.

  2. Ian your a good man for helping Nathanial. No quarter.

  3. Corruption every where you look in jersey keep up your good work Ian