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Sunday, 20 March 2011

"Reciprocal Health Agreement - But Not The One You Think!!!"

I was speaking to someone not so long ago, who had been forced to go to Southampton for an operation. This operation was to attempt to correct the monumental cock up of an operation performed in Jersey.

This person, whilst in Southampton, spoke to a number of surgeons of which one stated that the Southampton hospital had an "arrangement" with Jersey. The "arrangement" was that Southampton hospital would sort out all of Jersey's botched operations!

When asking about legal action to sue the States of Jersey hospital (ie. second opinions on botched operation) this person was told that NO ONE from Southampton hospital would volunteer any information for a legal claim against the States of Jersey. And likewise, would not offer any criticism of any surgeon in the Jersey hospital.

This information leaves me with one question: What are Southampton getting out of this "arrangement"?

Answers on a postage stamp please, ANNE PRYKE!!!


  1. Ian- I do not know what Southampton get out of this, and it sounds very 'dodgy' to me. I know that usually the medical profession will close ranks as I have experienced many years ago with my daughter who was sent to hospital in Bristol.

    I also have knowledge of a monumental 'up-cock' regarding the treatment of my late son, for which he could have sued the HSS, but not being as up front and vocal as I am now, I knew no different and did not pursue the matter which was a disgrace.

    So we are left with a situation where botched operations can be rectified in Southampton, but no redress to the patient as is the 'Jersey Way' lips are well and truly sealed.

  2. And speaking of cover up's Le Sewer & Le MeekOne are at it AGAIN