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Monday, 21 March 2011

"Promises, Promises - If Approved??? - Won't Hold My Breath Then"

Privileges Chairman Juliette Gallichan

MORE than ten years after the issue was first raised, Islanders are within just a few steps of having access to a Freedom of Information Law.
The draft document has been lodged with the States and will be debated later this year.
If approved, it will bring a close to more than a decade of work and campaigning by politicians and the media.
The law is intended to replace Jersey’s code of practice on freedom of information and give the public the legal right to obtain information from all States departments and authorities.
Several politicians have been involved in drafting the law, versions of which are in place in more than 50 countries, since the Privileges and Procedures Committee was first asked to look into it in 2003.
Its current chairman, Juliette Gallichan, the Constable of St Mary, said that she was satisfied to have finally lodged the draft paper.


  1. And just how much of the information will be subjected to "public interest non-disclosure"???

  2. If there is a provision for "Public Interest Non-disclosure," would they have to accept "Public Interest Disclosure," as a legal defense in a Data Protection violation case?

  3. Ian.

    A FOI Law over here will not be worth the paper it is written on. They will hide behind all kinds of clauses and excuses not to give you the information you require. If you ever did manage to get your required information and it exposed any top Civil Servants or establishment politicians as being liars or acting less than lawfully, then what are you (can you) going to do with it? Look at the Graham Power case, and he was the Chief Police Officer, who actually had to argue the "information" that he wanted was "information"!!!!! You were there and witnessed it with your own eyes!

    Anybody getting any hopes up that a FOI Law will provide them with more "information" are going to have those hopes dashed.

  4. Anon said

    "If there is a provision for "Public Interest Non-disclosure," would they have to accept "Public Interest Disclosure," as a legal defense in a Data Protection violation case?"

    NO, not in any case, they have their own side and that's your lot! My public interest defence application was cited from Lord Wolfe "the conviction of the guilty and the acquittal of the innocent" mine being the acquittal of the innocent.

    To release the document I required, DC David Harrison, Ian Le Marquand and Michael Birt, amongst others, would have gone to prison....

  5. If you and VFC are both correct in suggesting a FOI will not work effectively until Jersey stops hiding behind clauses and excuses, then what? It sounds like Stuart is right in going for international oversight and outside appeals, because Jersey is currently too corrupt to function without a major overhaul. It would be nice if a new law here or there would change things, but that may not happen without a different political and judicial system being forced upon Jersey, right?

  6. Anon

    Myself and VFC are absolutely correct, there is more chance of a pork chop in a synagogue than there is of the Jersey Establishment handing over damning evidence!

    Stuart's cases are the only chance that Jersey's plebs have of ever achieving justice or democracy in Jersey. if Stuart fails, it's over, period!!!