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Thursday, 31 March 2011

"Man Accused Of Rape Is Given Bail - Way Ta Go Peter Harris!!!"

27-year-old accused of rape

A 27-YEAR-OLD man has been charged with raping and sodomising a woman in the corridor of a hotel.
Matthew Timothy Noel, of Sydney Court, St Peter, appeared in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday and was granted bail pending his next appearance.
Relief Magistrate Peter Harris declined jurisdiction for the case because the charges were too serious, meaning that Mr Noel will appear before the Royal Court in about six weeks.


Jury finds takeaway manager guilty of rape

A FATHER was found guilty of two counts of rape and one of sodomy by an Assize jury yesterday evening.
After deliberating for over three hours, the jury of seven women and five men passed unanimous guilty verdicts against Nacer Eddine Benyoucef.
One of his two victims, a 37-year-old woman, was in court to hear the verdict. People hugged and some cried as the decision of the jury was announced. The father of the other victim said: ‘He deserved what he got. Justice has been done.’
Benyoucef (37) had denied raping a 24-year-old woman in a flat above the Turkish Kitchen takeaway in Cheapside in April 2007. He was the manager of the food outlet at the time. He faced a second rape charge for an attack on the 37-year-old woman at her St Helier flat two days before Christmas last year. He initially faced a charge of attempted sodomy in relation to the second attack but the charge was changed to sodomy after the victim gave evidence and claimed that Benyoucef carried out the act.
• Picture: Benyoucef leaving the Royal Court after being found guilty.

"Benyoucef leaving the Royal Court after being found guilty"

I certainly remember him leaving the Royal Court after being found guilty. Guilty of a serious sexual assault which was an attempted rape, and a grave & criminal assault on the same female who was a friend of mine, but "NOT" leaving with a prison guard! He left on his own and went for a pint at the Pearson Public House in the Royal Square!!!

The (then) Bailiff, Sir Philip Bailhache, pronounced him guilty of the above charges at 8pm on a Thursday night, much to the relief of myself and Jersey Detective Jerry Bolton. However, we sat there ashen faced only a few minutes later when Sir Philip Bailhache, after proclaiming him guilty, granted him BAIL!!!

This bail was for him to get his affairs in order as there was a likelihood that he may go to prison? Then after being acquitted at appeal because it was deemed he did not receive a fair trial due to the Bailiff's directions to the jury, he then went on to rape the two women mentioned above. Even after being charged with raping the two women, he was given bail all the way through the court process at least up until the Royal Court???



  1. Ian, no offence intended here but we let any Tom Dick and Harry into Jersey and do no background checks. That really pisses me off. Maybe this geezer was whiter than white before coming here but it's about time we or should I say our, restrictions on who gets to live here are sorted out once and for all. At the moment its a free for all yet you have to apply to say Australia, a country a thousand times bigger that has stricter controls for a visa.

    Jersey is at the moment a free for all. I suppose it all comes down to cheap labour, nah fuck it I dont suppose at all that is what its all about.

  2. I wouldn't worry about any "tom, Dic and harry coming into Jersey, its the well established people already there you should be worried about. Many people actually think that these high up people are there betters, and that's crap they are the worst of Jersey and the normal folk are just like normal folk anywhere.

    Time for the humble to stand up and claim their rights as an equal which should be also reflected in the wages paid to people. A cap on all pay across the board lets say top wage of £40,000 and the lowest and of the scale at maybe £30 then everyone could live well instead of only a select few.

  3. I don't care where he is from, I would be afraid of being raped in Jersey by someone who has proven himself in court to be a danger to a community which allows him to keep raping. Rape and abuse occur in all parts of the world, but in Jersey there is more chance of a perpetrator repeating the crime because it is permitted. There are controversial comments on other Jersey blogs about whether or not it is safe in Jersey for tourists. It may be impossible to prevent a pervert from committing his first crime, but society is responsible for preventing future acts by the same criminal. When it comes to protection against confirmed sex criminals, Jersey fails spectacularly.

  4. "Then after being acquitted at appeal because it was deemed he did not receive a fair trial due to the Bailiff's directions to the jury"

    So Advocate Michel will be walking after his appeal then?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  5. It is my belief that this would follow, yes. I mean, did the statement seem anywhere near fair to you?

  6. This man almost killed his victim
    And he's allowed to walk free, what is going on?

  7. Does anyone know anything about Matthew Noel? The paper does not say much. I know who this guy is and are really disturbed. Why did he get bail? He should have to sit there until his trial.

  8. Well, if you wish to play the long ball game, it must have been very fair to him.
    Knowing that he may walk in a couple of months time as well as receiving a financial recompense (and we all know how much the legal brethren love to receive monies) I'm sure his little stretch in the HM Hilton won't be too much of a bother to him.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  9. Anon said

    "This man almost killed his victim
    And he's allowed to walk free, what is going on?"

    It's rather a long novel anon, but it's title is "protection & corruption"....