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Saturday, 26 March 2011

" Lorna Kearney Raising Awareness Of Domestic Abuse"

Volunteers from Jersey Women's Refuge are working to change people's attitudes in dealing with domestic violence.

Last year, Jersey Police dealt with almost a 1,000 domestic incidents. More than 280 of these were classed as domestic assaults. In other words, domestic violence accounts for 29% of all assaults reported to police.

The Women's Refuge campaign, Behind Closed Doors, has helped hundreds of women to reach out for help, and they're now training others to help victims of domestic abuse in a series of special workshops.

Manager of the Women's Refuge, Lorna Kearney said: "One in four women actually experience domestic violence or domestic abuse in their lifetime so it's important that we have workshops like this so it's made an awareness around the island and that there are places for people to go and help there for them if needed."

The Refuge has drafted an island-wide strategy, which it will take to the States. It aims to change attitudes and raise awareness of abuse to ensure victims of domestic violence no longer suffer in silence.

More information on the workships can be found on

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