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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

"Lawyer Perverted The Course Of Justice" but which one???

A JERSEY lawyer accused of helping his money launderer father in a multi-million-pound fraud has been found guilty of perverting the course of justice.
Advocate Justin Peter Michel was yesterday convicted of the charge after an Assize jury returned its unanimous verdict following a complex two-week trial.
The lawyer, who allegedly between 2001 and 2009 accepted more than £1.1 million of assets from his accountant father, Peter Michel, in a bid to stop them being confiscated by the authorities, will now be sentenced by the Superior Number of the Royal Court, which sits only in the most serious of cases, on 10 May. His assets have also been frozen.


From my experience, and that of many others not gifted with fabulous riches, this headline could refer to most of Jersey's Lawyers. But when you steal from your own, you really are up shit creek without a paddle, or a friend come to that.

Anything goes, it's open season on those not perched on the top branches of the Oligarchy Tree. The Establishment is petrified of the revolution at hand, and is desperately trying to hoodwink the watching world into believing they prosecute villains. CHRIST, they even took Johnny Nonsense to court last Monday!

Then today we hear that our politicians are putting a stop to these exorbitant wages paid to civil servants. They really must be in a fluster curbing their own monies? Also, we have Mike Bowron ordering an investigation into bent Jersey coppers, and schools, yes, schools being looked into! How odd that this all happens in an election year, then after the elections, business as usual.

We have seen it all before I'm afraid, move along people, nothing to see here....


  1. Anyone taking bets on Mr Michel fly-catching in the next few months or so?

  2. Ooops, sounds like they picked the wrong guy then.

    I hope Mike Bowron sticks to his guns. I reckon he will as he his a bit more clued up than our glorious few realise. They got rid of GP only to realise that the public are not as thick as they think!

    The days of being ruled by scumbags are hopefully coming to an end.

  3. Hi Ian.

    Just put up Audio of 3 question's from Question Time in the States yesterday.

    You can have a listen Here

  4. Mr Bowron knows that others know what goes on, the evidence is world wide for anyone to read. He is clearly not a fool, and will undoubtedly defend his honour and integrity just as Lenny Harper and Graham Power have.

    This leaves only one question, what will our new Police Chief do about Jersey Corruption?

  5. Doesn't anyone on Jersey see manipulation of the legal system when it's staring them in the face? Two brothers accuse the son of a convicted felon of 'perverting the course of justice'... one brother sets up the case for the prosecution, the other one sits as the judge. Has Jersey lost all sense of justice and proportion?? If there's one unsafe verdict out there, it's this one! Ask yourselves Jersey, when your parents ask you to to look after their business while they're 'away' do you ask yourself if they're bent? Do you make them prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are telling you the whole story? No. But you DO declare all the taxes due on the business, don't you... and you DO make sure that it's OK with the authorities before you do. Right? Well that's what Michel did. So stop being such plonkers and start asking yourselves the right questions about who is representing you... who is wasting government money on spurious prosecutions and most significantly WHY. Then you might actually have the government you deserve... until then, I'm afraid you'll always have the one you have now.

  6. This is a case of sour grapes. They chose Michel senior as a scape-goat to deflect the attention away from Birts Russian activities. The son is taking the fall for his Dad.

  7. Its a very good point what anon above makes. It is not hard to see that one brother prosecuting and one judging is a massive problem, conflict perhaps.

    Who knows what these two get up to perhaps one discusses the case with the other down the pub or at a family gathering etc. Who's to know if the judge brother is not helping the prosecutor brother by telling them what they need to be told in court in order to get a prosecution. How must the defence team feel about this? Probably not a good feeling. Obviously, same goes in the other direction if one brother is the defence team whilst the other is still the judge. Thats fucked up beyond belief.

    Which brothers are we talking bout here or is that a stupid question that I know the answer to anyway?


    Yes, having company is nice, but they tend to choke on the stink :)

    Keep up the good work!!