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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"Jersey Police To Succeed Where Interpol Failed??? - The Curtis Warren Dosh"

THE police will try to find millions of pounds that they suspect drug baron Curtis Warren has hidden after the Privy Council rejected his appeal yesterday.
In a statement issued just after the decision by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council rejecting the Warren appeal, the police and Law Officers said they would seek to recoup the £5m investigation and prosecution costs.
Warren and five others were jailed in 2009 for conspiring to import £1m worth of cannabis into Jersey two years earlier. The appeal focused on the bugging of a car being driven through France, Belgium and Holland to collect the drugs.
Reading the joint statement outside Police Headquarters, police chief Mike Bowron said: ‘With Warren and his co-conspirators back behind bars and with all legal proceedings complete, proceedings will now continue to confiscate his criminally-obtained assets.’

The Jersey Police cannot even work out that the four coppers who beat me, and denied it, then lied in court to save their own skins!
And that was after I gave them a transcript and a tape recording of the incident with the time and date on it!!!

More wasted millions of tax payers money on the way....


  1. Ian, now we see what Jersey was after. It is always about greed and they rely on illegal means whenever useful. Money money money.

  2. I saw it from the inception of their charges against Curtis Warren and Co.

    I also told Curtis Warren as much when I met him in La Moye 18 months ago.

    Oh my, how we giggled....