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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"Jersey Detective Chief Inspector David Minty Believes In Corruption"

D.C.I David Minty said: "given identical circumstances again, I believe that we would respond in the same way".

It was also added that "it has now been found that the Police in Jersey deceived not only foreign authorities but also their own Chief of Police (Graham Power) and the Attorney General".

Is This Not "Firing Material" In Any Democratic Jurisdiction?

Just left click on the pic to read it


  1. Minty would do it again and still has a job in the police force don't ya just love "the jersey way"

  2. Minty and his junior officers will carry on breaking the law for as long as the Bailiff and co are ruling Jersey.

    But make the most of it Minty, because these days are numbered

  3. Well, at least that's Graham Power exonerated, AGAIN!!!

  4. I hope that was or is going to be printed in the JEPish because many people are using it as a slight against graham Power as though it was down to him.

    I dont by the Jersey Rag so if that was from there I appologise.

  5. Ha Ha, NO, I put Graham Power's name in there hence it is in black lettering and brackets.

    The JEP just put "Chief of Police" perhaps hoping that people would think it was Weirdcop being referred to!

  6. The reason we all know it was not the fault of G. Power is because they would have shouted it from every headline blaming Power for that if they could find a link to him.

  7. Minty, another good Old Victorian from the Jarvis Dykes & Baker era :)