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Saturday, 26 March 2011

"James Reed In Conspiracy Epic"

Education are accused of ‘conspiracy of silence’

John Mills appears before the Scrutiny panel

THE Island’s schoolchildren and taxpayers are being let down by the Education department, which is covering up poor school exam results with ‘a conspiracy of silence’.
That is the claim of former Policy and Resources chief officer John Mills, who now wants a complete review and restructuring of the Island’s education system.

Speaking at a Scrutiny Panel hearing convened to investigate his claims, Mr Mills, who recently used a Freedom of Information request to force Education to reveal their results for GCSEs taken last year, also said that schools were underfunded and head teachers were not being given enough control.
He added that if resources were the problem, the funding currently given to fee-paying schools in the Island should be redirected towards States schools which need it more.

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