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Sunday, 20 March 2011

"Ian Evans Looks Pretty Bloody Stupid Today"

I would kindly ask readers to forgive my idiocy when posting a story yesterday entitled "Yet Another Jersey Paedophile - Justin Andre Ybert".

There was NO MISTAKE with the original story, the mistake I made was in trusting that Jersey's three main stream media (MSM) outlets (JEP, BBC Jersey & Cover-up TV) would, between them, keep the public informed (online) of the possibility of dangerous child predators in Jersey. Clearly this was not the case as a good friend had to email me to inform me of the "THREE OTHER" cases in our only "discredited" newspaper, the J.E.P yesterday.

Clearly, to our local MSM, paedophilia is not that important an issue in Jersey news, this is why we have citizens media. The disgraceful and crass manner in which our local reporters fail, time and again, to report these most important of issues is bewildering to say the very least. They are more than aware that much of the important news in Jersey is read on blogs these days, and their gross failing to warn the Jersey public of these predatory scum is unconscionable.

For the benefit of  Jersey's online readers, who refuse to buy "THE RAG" I reproduce what should have been show online by the "discredited" media of Jersey.

Remember the rules, left click on the pic to read it....

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  1. That's why these kiddie fiddlers and their protectors have been able to get away with it for so long over here. The MSM help cover it all up for the goverment to maintain Jersey's reputation.

  2. Ian - to think that these four, yes FOUR incidents of paedophilia appeared on an insignificant page in the RAG and in the smallest possible amount of column inches, speaks volumes for the priorities of the only local newspaper which feels the purchaser of an insignificant dress is headline making news.

    Welcome to Jersey folks - paedophiles paradise.

  3. Yes Gee Gee, a see through, err, dress? worth about £15 that someone paid £78,000 for, appears to be more important to the Jersey "discredited" MSM than the reporting of child sex activities???

    What could £78,000 have done for child protection in Jersey??? This island, and it's priorities, is fcuking insane!!!

  4. Very useful list of blogs.

    - Aangirfan

  5. Unfortunately you have all missed the point. I can only speak for what you have reproduced here, but I have knowledge of the court system. the reason the reports have appeared in the way they have is because these people will have been un 'up and down' cases, where individuals appear for perhaps a minute so that the court can decide what to do next. That is the reason some of the stories are small and others are large. It is all dependent on what is said in court - not on people covering things up.
    Think about it...these stories sell papers and attract viewers so from a purely commercial point, why would the MSM not want to broadcast the information. You are all wrong on this one I'm afraid - FACT.

  6. Anon

    Whilst I see the points you are making, I think you may just be missing my point. None of this was reported by BBC Jerzeee or Cover-up TV, and was not covered by the JEP online (without having to pay for it) when it should have been!

    All these names of offenders, and alleged offenders, should have been made available online, and free, to the Jersey public.

    There is also the opportunity for readers spotting these names and who might have been able to come forward with more evidence against these scum. Guess no one thought of those points....

  7. Justin Andres Yberts mother is shattered by her sons conviction. shes cosseted him
    now is the time to say if you need a woman pay for her company there are plenty advertised
    I bet in Jersey

    while your splurting your mouth off, remember he has family, his working life has gone and cant work in the EU. Thank God he never acted his fantasies out, I dont uphold with what hes done
    but you dont Know (we do) what his life style has been

  8. OH, RIGHT!!!

    Typical Jersey Comment....Well, fuck the victims of this wanker, lets feel sorry for the sick pervert, TYPICAL FUCKIN JERSEY.

    Well fuck you anon, and fuck all you paedo loving bastards in Jersey, your sick....


    I just watched this video and I am horrified at man's inhumanity to man in these cases. A small peek at a website is NOT harmless. One thing leads to another and unless these people are stopped and shamed they will go on to do worse things.

    I am convinced there is more to the whole sad abuse scandal than a few perverts and and it doesn't end at Jimmy Savile!

    I noted the Metropolitan Police statement yesterday that they don't suspect a paedophile ring involved. Oh No! Sorry my gut reaction is that there is!