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Monday, 28 March 2011

"French Fisherman Killed After Sea Collision"

One man has died after a high-speed Condor ferry and fishing boat collided between Jersey and France.

Two other men - aged 37 and 40 - had to be dramatically rescued after the crash, east of the Minquiers. They were treated for shock at Jersey hospital and have now been discharged.

The Condor Vitesse was on route from St Malo to Jersey when the collision happened with a French fishing boat - believed to be called La Marquise', at just before 8am this morning.

Passengers on board the Vitesse have described scenes of "panic" on board the ferry after a huge bang when they hit the fisherboat.

Tim and Marina Prevel, from Guernsey, were on board. Tim said: "There was an almighty bang when the ferry hit the boat. I wouldn't want to go through that again - everyone started panicking that the ferry would sink; that's what you think is going to happen".

Marina said: "We saw the fishermen in the water and they were screaming for help. It was horrible and very scary".

The Captain of the Vitesse called for medical assistance from the passengers and a doctor offered his services. The doctor then transferred to the fishing boat and gave medical assistance.

At the time of the collision reports say that visibility was down to just 30 metres.

Jersey Police said: "The incident occurred northwest of Chausey (French waters) and is being dealt with by the French authorities at this time.

"It is believed that all persons have been accounted for from both boats and that three persons from the French fishing vessel were recovered from the water although the extent of any injuries to those casualties is still being established.

"There are no reported casualties from the Condor Vitesse."

Simon Edsall, Managing Director of Condor Ferries, said: "I can confirm that all passengers are accounted for and uninjured. The crew acted fast to rescue two of the fishermen and co-operated with a further fishing boat to recover the third. Our thoughts are with the injured fisherman and we will continue to work in close cooperation with all authorities involved in this incident."

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