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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"Curtis Warren in Jersey - No Drugs - No Money - Bent Coppers - What A Mess"

Curtis Warren could walk next week

Drugs baron Curtis Warren could be set free next week.

On Monday (28th March) the UK Privy Council will announce their verdict on whether Judge Sir Richard Tucker was right to allow illegally obtained evidence to convict Warren and his gang in Jersey.

Warren 47, once Interpol's most wanted man, was sentenced to 13 years in jail in December 2009, for conspiracy to import cannabis into Jersey.

But the evidence used to convict Curtis and five others was obtained illegally by Jersey Police.

In February this year the UK Privy Council sat for two days hearing evidence from Warren's QC, Orlando Pownall. Mr Pownall argued without the illegally obtained evidence, Jersey police had nothing to convict Warren.

But the Crown's QC David Farrer said Judge Sir Richard Tucker had made the correct decision and the legal system's integrity was never in doubt.

Since February's hearing Jersey Police have employed the Hampshire constabulary to conduct an independent inquiry into the events surrounding the decision to bug a hire car used by Warren's co-convicted in France, despite French authorities refusing permission.

If the Privy Council agree the evidence was not permissible, then Warren could walk free from Belmarsh prison. A decision in Warren's favour could also set in motion future Privy Council hearings from anyone convicted by illegally obtained evidence.


  1. "the legal system's integrity was never in doubt."

    What an incredible statement to make, and especially that it refers to Jersey!....

  2. Personally, I dont think he should walk free fullstop. Regardless of any dodgy police work, the facts are out there, he is a drug dealer and not just a minor dealer he is in it big time.

    What concerns me is that if he does get away with it, god forbid, is that our government will attempt to put this on Graham Power as it, i think, would have beenunder his watch. See, I am pretty well convinced that GP would not have allowed this to go on but I dont doubt for a minute that our glorious wankers will use it as another excuse and our great media will only look at it in one way.

    What surprises me, well it doesnt really, is that no matter who was involved in the covert surveilance it is all coming to the moment where GP is going to be blamed. At least thats my opinion, i hope I will be proven wrong and our glorious media will set the records straight for once.

  3. Anon

    However anyone may view Curtis Warren, or his alleged activities, is not the core issue here.

    The issue is simply "should police officers be allowed to break the law to convict people who they do not like, or deem bad people?"

    If this conviction is upheld, the ramifications are absolutely imponderable, NO ONE WILL BE SAFE FROM PROSECUTION....

  4. Hi Ian.

    Just put up at last the Audio from the Talkback program that happened on the morning of Sunday the 21/03/10.

    With Le Marquand & Le Herissier talking about the ACPO reports.

    It's a must Listen.

    You can Listen to them HERE

  5. Thanks mate, will listen over breakfast, nothing like laughter to begin the day :)

  6. @Anonymous 9:24PM

    It's not even about bent coppers, really: it's about a standing principle of justice. Namely: that however guilty someone is or is not, they are entitled to be regarded as innocent until it is proved otherwise beyond reasonable doubt.

    You may not like this - there are times when I sure as hell don't like it - but to do otherwise would lead to lynch law in no time flat.

  7. the Drugs squadMarch 24, 2011 5:51 pm

    Good luck Curtis.

  8. He was targeted because he was competing for a large share of the Jersey drugs market which is run by the establishment.

  9. Ian thinks that last comment was just about, spot on!

  10. Curtis is no Angel, but when was it O.K.for the Police to break the law.