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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

"Another Jersey Pervert In Prison"

Man jailed for downloading child porn

A Jerseyman found guilty of downloading child porn was jailed today for a year.

Andrew William Cook was charged with 44 counts of making and attempting to make indecent images of children.

He received his sentence in the Royal Court this morning, along with a five year restraining order, which prohibits him from using computer software.

He will also have to sign the Sex Offenders Register, which he will be listed on for a minimum of five years.


  1. what happened with the case of Callum Stewart? He was charged with similar offences last October?

  2. Last entry I can find is for 26th July 2010 where he reserves his plea!!!

  3. Seem to be a lot of these 'people' coming out of the rotten woodwork at the moment Ian.

  4. Man in court on child porn charges
    A 49 year old man from St Helier who is charged with 24 child pornography offences, has appeared in Jersey's Magistrate's Court.

    Calum Stewart reserved his plea to all charges and has been released on bail.

    Mr Stewart will re-appear in the Magistrate's Court on the 9th of August.

  5. I am looking for information on a man called shane clint john corcoran prison sentence i believe children where involved

  6. there was an amendment in last nights jep, callum stewart was actually found guilty , not admitted it as was in the other magistrates court

  7. Anon, who's comment I have not published yet. Do you have a link to anything so I can publish the comment?

  8. This man is allowed around children as long as its supervised! How can this happen? Such a flaw in the jersey social services system. It only takes seconds for a child to be abused