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Thursday, 31 March 2011

"Anne Pryke - Hazardous To Our Health" but never accountable

Hospital director’s salary: Health ‘broke the rules’

Comptroller and Auditor General Chris Swinson

THE Health department broke States pay rules when awarding the Island’s new Hospital director an excessive salary ‘far outside the normal structure’, according to a damning new report.
The embattled department has faced months of criticism after it was revealed that Andrew McLaughlin’s salary was costing the taxpayer £216,000 per year.

Now a new report by the States spending watchdog has revealed that Mr McLaughlin is enjoying that salary because of a series of irregularities within his contract-negotiation process.
The report, by the Comptroller and Auditor General, Chris Swinson, found that:
lMr McLaughlin is receiving an enhanced lucrative salary usually reserved for those on short-term contracts.


  1. "Mr McLaughlin's "lucrative" salary was negotiated by the Health department's own interim HR director, WHO WAS BROUGHT OVER FROM THE SAME AGENCY AS MR MCLAUGHLIN!?"

  2. "No one in the central human resources department was aware of the salary before the contract was signed and no one approved it".

    Over 600 HR SOJ staff employed (over staffed by 150), but not one aware of this advantage/p**s take?