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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

"J.E.P Being Sympathetic To A Beast?" The jep ethics....

Punishment to fit the purse?

THE crimes for which Leonard Vandenborn has been convicted and jailed were abhorrent and few would suggest that the 12-year sentence that he is now serving is either inappropriate or disproportionate. Nevertheless, there is a feature of his treatment by the judicial system which raises difficult issues.

Having lost his appeal against conviction for sex offences, Vandenborn was ordered to pay £190,000. This sum was categorised as a contribution towards the costs of the prosecution, but it is difficult not to regard it as something else as well – an additional penalty.

It is clearly within the court’s powers to make orders of this nature and it can be argued that they may serve the interests of natural justice. After all, had Vandenborn admitted his offences, the process of dealing with him would have been a far less costly exercise.

In spite of this, there were worrying features of the order in question. For example, the Court of Appeal judge noted that Vandenborn owns a ‘substantial’ house. Are we therefore to conclude that a wealthy person who is guilty of an offence can expect to be treated differently from someone of limited means? If this is the case, the concept of blind justice might need to be revisited and revised.

More disturbingly, a defendant’s perception of the treatment likely to be meted out at the end of a trial might lead to a higher incidence of guilty pleas – not because more people face up to their crimes, but because they fear the financial consequences of conviction as much as conviction itself.

There is, meanwhile, the possibility of what might be called the collateral damage caused by orders for costs. Even in circumstances where few would object to the full force of the law being brought to bear on an individual, the court should surely take into account the incidental impact on that individual’s family.

Few would object to the proceeds of crime principle being applied to confiscate the illicit profits of, say, drug dealing. Equally, few would object to costs being awarded after a defendant has been deliberately obstructive and has done his or her best to drag out court proceedings.

However, these special cases can be seen as exceptions to more general rules – that neither a person’s wealth nor the mere fact of entering a not guilty plea should influence the imposition of penalties.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

"Jersey Shopper's Conned Again"

Food and heating to become GST free?

By Lucy Mason

Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf is considering bringing an amendment relating to GST
FOOD and domestic heating could be made exempt from GST under an amendment to the Budget being considered by Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf.

But if it is approved by the States, he said it would mean that GST on everything else would have to double to six per cent to make up for the shortfall and cost of implementing such a change.

At least two ministers are understood to support such an amendment, the full details of which are expected to be released on Monday.

"End Of Abuse Inquiry" ??? whatever....

Guilty verdicts mark end of abuse inquiry

By Diane (shackles) Simon

AFTER almost three years of drama and controversy, Jersey’s historical child abuse inquiry came near to an end yesterday with the conviction of two former States employees on assault charges.

In the final case in what became the biggest police investigation in living memory, Morag and Anthony Jordan, former houseparentsat the Haut de la Garenne children’s home, were convicted in the Royal Court of assaulting children in their care in the 1970s and 1980s. However, they were both acquitted of the majority of the charges against them.

After the verdict, Acting Chief Inspector Alison Fossey said that at this time no one else was charged in connection with the inquiry. She said: ‘We are currently finalising all outstanding matters and anticipate that the inquiry will draw to a close in the near future.’

Friday, 26 November 2010

"Stuart Syvret-Going The Distance"

Syvret sues Chief Minister.

Former Senator Stuart Syvret is suing Jersey States, the Chief Minister, the employment board and the Attorney General.

He wants compensation for what he claims were a range of unlawful actions relating to his dismissal from the post of Health Minister in 2007.

During a brief appearance in the Royal Court he was told none of the defendants had replied to the complaints.

They've been given 21 days to respond.

"Haute De La Garenne Bullies Get Walloped"

Guilty of eight charges of assault

By Carly Lockhart

Anthony and Morag Jordan arriving at the Royal Court.

A COUPLE have each been found guilty of eight charges of assault on children in their care when they worked as house parents at Haut de la Garenne 30 years ago.

Morag Jordan was found not guilty of 28 charges of assault and her husband Anthony Jordan, not guilty of four charges.

The couple, both aged 62 and who live in Scotland, had denied all the charges against them. Seven charges were withdrawn because of lack of evidence.

The Assize jury of six men and six women announced their verdicts in the Royal Court just after 1 pm today, after deliberating for more than eight hours and after a trial lasting seven days.

"Vandenborn Get's Fleeced" and rightly so....

Rapist made to pay costs of £190,000

By Carly Lockhart

Leonard Vandenborn (right) arriving at the Royal Court during his trial
A 62-YEAR-OLD accountant who was jailed for 12 years for rape and a string of indecent assaults in the 1970s and 1980s has been ordered to pay prosecution costs of almost £190,000.

Paedophile Leonard Miles Vandenborn was told to pay the hefty sum yesterday, moments after he lost an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Vandenborn was found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault and one of rape in April after a four-day trial.

The jury acquitted Vandenborn on two charges of indecent assault. Shortly after the Court of Appeal yesterday dismissed his appeal, Vandenborn was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £180,000 for his original trial and a further £8,600 for the appeal.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

"Judgement Day Arrives"

Jury to retire

By Carly Lockhart

Anthony and Morag Jordan arriving at the Royal Court. Picture: Ben Birchall/PA Wire
THE jury in the Assize trial of Morag and Anthony Jordan, who allegedly physically abused children at Haut de la Garenne, were due to retire this morning to consider their verdict.

Mr and Mrs Jordan, both 62 and who live in Scotland, have been accused of inflicting a regime of cruelty and callousness when they were house parents at the home between 1970 and 1984.

Throughout the proceedings the defendants have repeatedly denied 48 counts of assault, seven of which have been dropped during trial because of lack of evidence.
Hey Carly, the deal is still on for my proposition the other day? Surprised you have not phoned, I am in the book.

"Jersey Paedophile Appeal Rejected" No way out this time SCUMBAG!

A Jerseyman jailed for abusing two young girls has had an appeal against his conviction rejected.

Leonard Vandenborn - who in his early sixties - committed the crimes more than 20 years ago.

Vandenborn was convicted of one count of rape and 12 counts of indecent assault on the 14th of April.

His crimes were committed against two young girls over a 12 year period during the 1970s and 1980s. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison on the 15th of June.

On Thursday (24th November) Vandenborn appealed his conviction.

His lawyer argued it was on the grounds of a 'miscarriage of justice' against his client. He focused on the sole count of rape - arguing that the victim's evidence was too vague and shouldn't have been considered by the jury.

But the court of appeal said they were wholly unpersuaded by that argument and rejected the appeal, meaning Vandenborn returns to prison to serve the rest of his sentence.
Whilst Jersey's Courts are finally making some sort of small effort to jail (lower level offenders) it's huge array of child abusers, Ian Le Marquand (Home Affairs Minister) comes up short on the sex offenders register? Please check out "Tony's Musings" for the real
FACTS & FIGURES concerning the nonsense spouted by Le Marquand and his cover-up cohorts.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

"Jersey Doing The Dirty On Sex Offenders Register" as predicted

My Comments are in red.

Jersey's home affairs minister said they needed an extra £184,000 for the sex offenders register. So stomp up the cash, what is wrong with you people?

Officials behind Jersey's new sex offenders register say there is not enough money to fully fund it.

The register will mean convicted sex offenders will have to keep police informed of where they are. Like that's ever going to happen!

Some money was agreed in the business plans for 2009 and 2010 to help fund the staff needed to administer the law but the budget is still £184,000 short.

The home affairs minister said more people are likely to be on the register than first expected. What does this mean? ALL SEX OFFENDERS should be on the bloody register, what are they covering up now?

The Probation Service is currently dealing with seven sexual abusers, which the minister says is taking up a lot of staff time.

If the department does not get more funding for the sex offenders register it could mean other offenders do not get the supervision they should have, according to the minister.

The department applied to cover the shortfall as part of the Comprehensive Spending Review, but it was not considered essential by the council of ministers. Sex Offenders Register not CONSIDERED ESSENTIAL by our Council of Ministers!!! Go tell that to the victims, I dare you.

Home affairs minister Senator Ian Le Marquand has warned that if the law is going to be enacted now, more funding will need to be agreed next year to maintain it.

Senator Le Marquand said they were expecting legal costs of £22,000 for each name added to the list. Amazing! My pal Chris Wittwer, has put 10,000 names up on his internet site with detailed information on most offenders, for a couple of hundred quid!!! See them HERE.

He said the extra £184,000 was needed for several reasons.

He said: "There are two areas in which more money is needed, one is staff but the really big issue in terms of extra money is anticipated legal costs.

"We estimate that for every case on average there will be costs of about £22,000." FOR WHAT EXACTLY? Would anyone care to explain matters?
Once Again, Jersey takes the biggest dump on our abuse victims after spending Millions protecting sex offenders, hell is waiting for our CoM's.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

"Domestic Violence In Jersey"

Real Men sign the pledge

By Lucy Mason

Women's Refuge manager Lorna Kearney with Real Men Craig Lowe and Peter Mac at last night’s launch Picture: JON GUEGAN

A CAMPAIGN to get Islanders to be ‘Real Men’ and unite in opposition to domestic violence was officially launched last night at the Opera House.

It has been organised by the Jersey Domestic Violence Forum and Women’s Refuge, and aims to show that Jersey is not a place which tolerates domestic violence.

The launch also comes at a time when the Island’s Women’s Refuge has been consistently full with all seven rooms occupied at all times. The refuge, however, has said that it will never turn anyone away.

Monday, 22 November 2010

"Get Super Mario In, he will sort the teen yobs out!!!"

The Ulsterman who heads Jersey’s education system has faced a call for his suspension while a major police investigation into widespread abuse in children’s homes on the island continues.

Belfast-born Mario Lundy, the island’s director of education, faced the call from the floor of the States of Jersey, the island’s parliament, during a bad-tempered parliamentary questions session.

Mr Lundy is one of a string of leading figures in Jersey to have links with the so-called ‘House of Horrors’, Haut de la Garenne, having worked there for a period before it closed. He strenuously denies any suggestion of wrongdoing.

The former teacher also worked at its successor, Les Chenes, where further allegations of physical abuse against staff members are being examined by the probe.

Police continue to investigate claims by more than 160 former residents of Jersey’s children’s homes about decades of abuse — both physical and sexual — stretching from the 1960s until Haut de la Garenne was closed in 1986, at its successor Les Chenes and a number of other children’s facilities.

During their probe launched earlier this year, cops uncovered four underground cellars at Haut de la Garenne, believed to have been used as makeshift dungeons during the home’s grim past. Former residents of the home described them as “punishment rooms” where they were subjected to physical abuse.

Remains believed to have belong to five children aged between four and 11-years-old were also discovered.

Earlier this year the island’s Channel TV revealed the links of a number of Jersey’s most-respected figures with the Haut de la Garenne home, including current education director Mr Lundy. The former teacher — who was raised in the Rosetta area of Belfast and is a former pupil of St Mary's CBS — worked there for a period in the 1980s before moving to Les Chenes.

He is now Jersey’s education minister’s chief advisor.

During the Jersey parliament’s last questions, Senator Stuart Syvret said that it was “totally inappropriate” for the Belfast man to remain at work while the investigation is ongoing.

Senator Syvret is the island’s former health minister, who was removed from that post in September last year after he blew the whistle on a harsh punishment regime in a home where children as young as 11 were kept in solitary confinement.

He has been an outspoken critic of ministers, civil servants and social workers, whom he has accused of failing to protect children, but he was dismissed in September last year after losing a vote of confidence in Jersey’s parliament.

Mr Syvret, under parliamentary privilege, asked Chief Minister Frank Walker: “In the event of a very senior States employee being under serious police investigation for repeated episodes of violent child abuse, would the chief minister consider that to be a sufficiently serious matter and of sufficient reputational risk for the States of Jersey to at least merit suspension?”

Later in the debate he asked: “Does the chief minister really not consider, given the seriousness of the issue and the nature of the investigations that are taking place, that it is wholly inappropriate for Mario Lundy, the chief officer of the education department to remain at work?”

Senator Walker replied: “I need not answer the question, but may I express my abhorrence at the question and the fact that the senator has yet again flagrantly and knowingly broken the rules of this Assembly.”

Sunday Life last week contacted Mr Lundy’s office for comment on the call for his suspension, but a spokeswoman for the island’s Department of Education, Sport and Culture said: “I am afraid we cannot speak on individual cases and Mario is not giving interviews himself.”

"Jersey's Treatment Of Young Offenders (YO's) Is Unacceptable"

Concerns have been raised over the facilities in which younger prisoners are being held in the Channel Islands and the State of Jersey's Police Headquarters.

The European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman Treatment visited the islands earlier this year.

And they've now made a series of recommendations for improvement.

If you're a 17 year old offender in Jersey or Guernsey you'll be sent to serve your sentence- in an adult prison.

And that's unacceptable according to European standards.

But the problem is - at the moment there's no alternative in the Channel Islands.

Greenfields in Jersey and the equivalent in Guernsey only cater for children up to the age of 16, that means the only place for a 17 year old who's sentenced is La Moye, the adult prison. So the report is urging the authorities to up the adult age from 17 to 18 and to identify appropriate alternative facilities for that age group, even if that means adapting Greenfields to fill that hole.

Deputy Jackie Hilton, Assistant Home Affairs Minister said: "Potentially that is an option but there's lots of different things we have to look at.

"We have remanded young offenders, sentenced young offenders, but also at Greenfields Remand Centre we have people who are there under a civil order, not a criminal order, so it's very difficult when you have to try and house different types of youngsters in need."

As for adult prisoners - the amount of outdoor exercise was questioned. Prisoners in Guernsey's J wing often only get to spend half an hour a day in the open air.

Both islands were also criticised for failing to accommodate prisoners with severe mental illness, and urged to take steps to ensure these prisoners are cared for in the appropriate environment.

But again local facilities aren't equipped to look after prisoners, and the States have told the Committee their recommendation can't be implemented. Guernsey is reviewing the suggestion.

The Committee was satisfied with the way in which the police in both islands were treating people, but did report some allegations of excessive use of force at the time of arrest.

But whilst Guernsey's police headquarters were described as adequate, Jersey's were heavily criticised. Material conditions were described as being of a poor standard, and it was recommended that detention facilities be reviewed.

Authorities informed the Committee that plans were underway for a new Police HQ, and that this was expected to be in operation by 2014."

Overall, the review presents a long list of inadequacies, and the pressure is now on both islands to show they're able to conform to European standards.

Click HERE for video report.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

"Police Brutality? In Jersey?" Oh surely not!!!

‘Excessive force by police’ concerns

By Carly Lockhart

Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur has welcomed the report
CONCERNS over ‘excessive force’ used by States police officers and worries about mixing children and adults at La Moye prison have been raised by the Council of Europe.

In a new report the council have highlighted allegations that some police officers have been too heavy-handed when arresting Islanders. It has recommended that officers ‘need to be reminded regularly’ of the appropriate manner in which to arrest people.

A delegation from the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT) came to Jersey in March this year.

Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur yesterday said that he ‘welcomed’ the CPT report because it had identified areas of improvement for the States to address. ‘In many cases, their findings are accepted and will be dealt with as soon as occasion permits,’ he said.
BUT NOT IN ANY OF "IAN EVANS" VERY WELL DOCUMENTED CASES !!! Because he has tape recorded evidence to prove that at least NINE Jersey Police Officers have already committed perjury against him after beating him needlessly on a number of occasions.
Anyone who is (quite frankly) stupid enough to believe our Chief Minister, should take a good, long, read, HERE, starting at the very beginning of this blog. Oddly enough, the blog is entitled "Ian Evans Against Jersey Corruption & Police Brutality". Hmmm?
Or perhaps log any brutal police behaviour HERE.

"Greedy Jersey Pigs" taking away all our choices!!!

GST rise could limit bargains online

By Ben Quérée

Online shopping may not result in as many bargains in the future
IF the GST rate is increased to 5% this December the limit under which Islanders can import items free of the tax could drop from £400 to £240.

Senator Philip Ozouf told States Members this week that Budget proposals to increase the rate of GST could have the knock-on effect of bringing down the threshold below which Islanders do not pay GST on things they have brought outside the Island.

That would mean bad news for consumers used to getting a bargain online, but good news for Jersey retailers who are struggling with competition from outside the Island.

Friday, 19 November 2010

"It's Not Fair, I Was Just Doing What I Was Told !"

Stuart Syvret granted bail

Former Senator Stuart Syvret has been granted bail by an "English Judge" in the Royal Court, less than 24 hours after being jailed for ten weeks by a Jersey Judge!

The former Health Minister, who was jailed by Magistrate Bridget Shaw, for contempt of court, was freed pending an appeal by the "English Judge". Syvret was also fined £4,200 yesterday for breaking the data protection law and was ordered to pay legal costs of £10,000.

Stuart Syvret (backed by his supporters) said of Sir Christopher Pitchers, "he appeared a model of reason and common sense - in marked contrast to my previous experiences of the judiciary in Jersey".

Also adding that "perhaps this afternoon was the very first step on the path to restoring our confidence in British judicial culture".

Ian Evans added, "all Jersey Courts should be presided over by British circuit judges, effectively stopping the one sided nonsense that transpires within the Jersey Courts of Law-lessness against those not favoured by the Establishment".

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

"JAILED As Predicted" Only In Corrupt Jersey

Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret was jailed in the Magistrates Court today.

Of course, we did not need to have precognition to know this was going to happen as we had predicted it many many months ago. This outcome was never going to be in doubt for two reasons....

1. Our corrupt Government had no choice but to try and destroy Stuart Syvret before he destroys them.

2. Stuart Syvret was never, in a month of years, going to back down one inch and accept a fine.

So, it's off to B-Wing for Stuart, but he embarked on his journey to a round of applause from his loyal supporters, and most definitely, with his head held high and his honour intact.

The prosecution on the other hand appeared quite bewildered. Perhaps the realisation of what they had unlawfully done to the Ex Senator, & Father of the House, had even shamed THEM!

Stuart was resilient to the last and even when warned with imprisonment, he flatly refused any compromise that was afforded him. Magistrate Shaw offered him the redemption of community service, and the prosecutor was heard trying to persuade him to take this option, but NO GO.

Stuart also refused to pay any monetary sum throw at him in the way of fines & costs, which if my memory serves me correctly, was in the region of £10,250.00 at £50.00 per week. This bearing in mind that one day in jail is equivalent to £50 off your sum total, it's looking like being a long ride.

Stuart applied for bail pending appeal but this was also flatly rejected by Magistrate Shaw. Personally, I think she was a bit peeved that the threat of prison had not broken Stuart, but rather, had made him stronger. Stuart also rejected the advice of an Advocate to the new charges he was encumbered with, stating that Jersey Legal Aid did not comply with his mandatory human rights under article 6 of the ECHR. He was further charged with Contempt of Court, and (I think) another related Data Protection Offence. He was also given one week to remove and/or destroy all data concerning Nurse-M.

How in God's name does one achieve such a task from a prison cell??? Incredible Jersey.

To sum matters up, he did just what he has been doing all along, fighting for ALL of the victims of this utterly Vile Regime. I think that some letters of support might bring a smile to his face so I will add the address of the prison in the comments section. I shall leave you with a very appropriate little piece of philosophy that sums the man, and his character up...

"...those who value freedom most, must sometimes choose to lose it."

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

"All Apologies" but just who should be apologising? and to whom?

No Need To Apologise.

From Lenny Harper, former deputy chief, States of Jersey Police.

I WAS somewhat bemused to hear that your Chief Minister has called for an apology from myself and Graham Power.

This is on the same day as you report that two of those on my priority suspect list when I retired are facing court.

I suppose that in the Mad Hatter world in which some Jersey politicians exist it does seem right to apologise for believing the evidence of victims of State child abuse, both during and after the actual physical abuse.

I suppose they think it okay to apologise for refusing to be intimidated by senior politicians and civil servants with their warnings that my stubbornness could bring the government down.

It really is unforgivable to consult with experts in the UK regarding information received about human remains in Haut de la Garenne and to then take their advice and investigate further.

And imagine the nerve of not apologising for having Association of Chief Police Officers in the UK describe our inquiry as a shining example of how such an enquiry should be carried out?

I suppose if I had fabricated a letter used to demolish the credibility of victims then I would have been a good guy and the JEP would have repeated their glowing words about my work that they published after the second excellent HMI report on Graham Power’s watch.

But then again, what do the HMI know? Perhaps I should have taken the victims’ statements and replaced them with summaries of my own which actually made them look to be inventing stories. I could have given these summaries to the AG and not told him they were actually my own work, that the real thing was very different. Now, didn’t I read that somewhere in the Napier Report?

Or, like a former Home Affairs Minister, the one after Wendy Kinnard, I could just have changed my mind with each new piece of evidence.

On reflection, I think that I sleep better having that sort of people criticise me and the victims and ordinary decent people believe that I tried my best for them.

"Lenny & Graham's Work Is Rewarded By Todays Trial Beginning" any poster's please keep it above board on this one

Haut de la Garenne abuse trial begins

By Carly Lockhart

Anthony and Morag Jordan arrive at the Royal Court yesterday. Picture: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

A COUPLE who worked at Haut de la Garenne inflicted a regime of physical and mental cruelty on vulnerable children in their care, an Assize jury heard yesterday.

Morag and Anthony Jordan, both 62, are charged with a catalogue of assaults on 11 children while they were house parents at the home between 1970 and 1984.

Yesterday was the first day of their trial and a jury of six men and six women heard that their alleged abuse of babies, toddlers and teenagers was ‘frequent and callous’.

The couple, who are retired and live in Scotland, deny a total of 48 charges against them. Mrs Jordan, from Dundee, faces 36 counts of physical assault and her husband, from south Wales, is charged with 12 counts of physical assault.

The trial, which is being heard in the Royal Court, is expected to take three weeks.

Monday, 15 November 2010

"Jersey Has Lost The Plot" and the JEP are reduced to reporting on blunt pencil's?

A pointless exercise

By Andy Sibcy
Tthe (I wish I could spell "Tthe"?) pencils with ground-off points that were being given away on the stand.
VISITORS to the honorary police stand at the JEP Homelife Show over the weekend might have missed the point.

Fearful of falling foul of health and safety monitors, the honorary officers had cut off the ends of the free pencils they were giving away to make them safe. (and useless)

Steve Pallett, a St Brelade Centenier and the president of the Honorary Police Association who was manning the stall, said: ‘It was pointed out as a bit of a health and safety issue that it was better to give children pencils without sharp ends that they could not poke each others’ eyes out with. (and, could not write or draw with)

‘It was brought up at an association meeting that there was a guideline from the UK.’

Sunday, 14 November 2010

"Sun, Sea, Satan & The Ferryman"


An Elderly Paedophile Plumber by the name of T*** P**** is a child abusing monster.
Whatever you do, do not employ, or let this evil creature into your home, at any cost!!! I believe he is living in South Wales now, with a woman who has a young teenage daughter, and this woman knows of his past, but he may be coming back and forward to Jersey for work as he (I believe) has a plumbing contract with The States of Jersey. He has abused many children for most of his years and I doubt he will ever stop. This is also the view of his family.

T*** P**** came to Jersey many years ago after doing a 'wages snatch' in England, seriously injuring a man. Somewhere along the line, perhaps through his knowledge and paedophile tendencies, he entered the Sea Cadets in Jersey. Unknown to most people, he had two stints in the Sea Cadets. The first stint ended when there were allegations of sexual abuse against minors, he was simply ordered to move on. However, some time later, amazingly, (to any rational way of thinking) he was reinstated into the Sea Cadets in Jersey and began to abuse children again.

He was one of the animals that use to take the children from Haute De La Garenne, on their 'special' boating trips. It also transpires that T*** P**** was highly ranked in the Sea Cadets. This next extract is from family member, J*** P**** (family) “Haute De La Garenne used by the Sea Cadets, yes, shit head was a leader”. Perhaps not an unreasonable response from a family member, that is, until you are informed that T*** P**** horribly abused his own siblings also!

In 1998, T*** P**** seriously sexually assaulted a 13 year old female (Jersey) Sea Cadet, and then told her “he would kill her if she mentioned the incident to anyone”. She kept her mouth shut for several days before she finally broke down at school, but by this time, her mother had washed her clothes and the evidence was lost. She was so traumatized by the ordeal, that at one point she tried to take her own life, and spent time in hospital. Thankfully, she lived. This young Lady now has a small child of her own, who T*** P**** (last year) had also threatened “TO GET”. Shortly after this incident another victim came forward, but retracted her statement, perhaps out of fear, or being deterred from following on! There were also a number of other alleged victims that the Jersey Police wanted to trace and interview. During this time, T*** P**** told the investigating Jersey Police Officer, D.C R** M*****, that he “had committed the crime, but they (the Jersey Police) couldn’t ever prove it”.The case was then dropped, shattering the victim a second time!

Then in 2007, the Jersey Police contacted her (the Jersey victim) again, this was to ask her if she would go ahead with her original complaint. They wanted to use this complaint as a holding charge for T*** P**** whilst they investigated other allegations from new witnesses/victims. T*** P****’s house was raided and he was arrested. Two days later, the Jersey Police informed the young victim that T*** P**** had produced a fax, allegedly sent from the Investigating Officer D.C R** M*****, who had died shortly after the original investigation!!! The fax was alleged to have said that “no further action would be taken against T*** P**** in this case”. I must add that the victim has told me that D.C R** M***** was absolutely passionate and determined that T*** P**** should never get away with his crimes. Also, neither the victim, nor any member of her family has ever seen this fax. She states, “It’s once again, all because the Jersey Police have f*@*ed up, or are trying to hide something. I don’t believe this crap about a fax, that they have tried to blame on a dead man. I have never seen a copy of the fax and I have never received anything in writing from them (the States of Jersey Police) to explain any of this”.And you guessed it; the case was dropped again, shattering the victim a third time!

One thing that is of note in this case is the astonishing fact that, a certain Jersey Policeman had told the victim, and her family that he had some sympathy for the abuser??? I have since discovered that this is not the first time that this same Jersey Policeman has said this to a victim and their family.
And I Quote the 2nd Instance; “There is a small amount of sympathy for (name of paedophile) in this case as he will be prosecuted for indecent assault, even though he has been honest about his actions and admitted the offence”.“EVEN THOUGH” !!! This is what Jersey’s young vulnerable children are up against when dealing with our sick and twisted regime. After being sexually assaulted by adults, they are then humiliated and degraded even further by the Jersey Policemen who are supposed to, and sworn too, protect them???
I personally retain (along with others) a copy of the above meetings, minutes. These are available for any interested States of Jersey members.

In 2009, Officer D.C T** H***** from the Worthing Police Force contacted the Jersey victim to inform her that “two of T***’s siblings had come forward with a number of allegations of rape and sexual assault against T*** P****”. The officer said that “T*** P**** had been arrested and was on bail awaiting trial”. She (the Jersey victim) was asked to give evidence of (bad character) against T*** P****, which she gladly agreed to do. They kept in touch with her over the months leading up to the trial, kept her informed, and treated her “far better than the Jersey Police ever have”.During these months, the Worthing Police had informed her that the Jersey Police were being “very uncooperative with them”, and would not provide Worthing Police with a number of details, including the reasons why hers, and the other girls cases in Jersey were dropped. Leading up to the trial there was a hearing between the prosecution and defence to agree the witnesses that would be used. This is where the Judge “STAYED” the case, (threw it out) on the grounds that it would be an unfair trial against T*** P****. This being because they did not have the reasons to tell the jury why the cases in Jersey were previously thrown out. Worthing Police needed this information as it was the backing for T***’s sibling’s cases, as they were all historical cases. Since the case was “stayed”, the Jersey victim has received notification from the C.P.S in England, explaining this reasoning.
And you guessed it; the case was dropped again, shattering the victim a fourth time!
I personally retain (along with others) a copy of this document, and that it is available for any interested States of Jersey members.

IN SUMMARY: It appears that The States of Jersey Police, and perhaps, others in Jersey’s Government, have done all they can to prevent this case getting to trial.
WHY? You may ask!
One explanation could be that T*** P**** was in a wonderful position to name the names of the adults accompanying the HDLG children on their “special” boating trips. Remember what was said by J*** P**** (family) in the third paragraph of this document. “Haute De La Garenne used by the Sea Cadets, yes, shit head was a leader”.
I will leave you with a few quotes from associates, friends, and family members with which to try and ponder the imponderable!!!

J*** P**** (family) “The police lost some statements; Jersey seems to not want anyone to know how many perverts they have”.

Anonymous M.B (friend) “About time someone did something positive. Jersey has a serious problem if they cannot bring perverts like T*** P**** to justice. Does not say much for the whole Jersey legal system. Wake up Jersey politicians why aren't you looking after the people who elected you, or are you only after the money you receive from us”.

J*** P**** (family) “Jersey politicians, ha, don’t make me laugh; the whole Jersey Government are corrupt as are the Jersey Constabulary”.

S**** P**** (family victim) Loads and Loads of proof, when he went to court in 2009 he might have knobbled the judge, probably another paedo anyway, but this time he won’t. I have managed to get copies of 4 statements made that were made to the police last time, and am working with another 3 people. The family that are helping me and financially backing this next case (that will be going through the European Court) are so powerful that they will win this case. Those people that know me will know the ********** family that I am on about, so will know that this time the sick ba*tard will pay the price for a lifetime of perverted sick acts”.

Female Jersey Victim “I have seen him (T*** P****) twice in people’s houses, with children running around and I have also seen him at Fort Regent twice, standing on his own watching kids in the Jungle Gym. None of our kids are safe! But what the hell can I do Ian?”

S**** P**** (family victim) “Everyone will know, I already have four newspapers booked to come with us, the bloody Jersey Paedo Society..oooops sorry, I meant the Jersey Government ain’t gonna know what’s hit them, and there ain’t enough coppers on the island to stop it, not with the amount of people showing an interest in coming. I really can’t wait, it’s gonna be great, and will certainly put Jersey back in the limelight again. I know there are loads of innocent residents in Jersey but there are also hundreds of sick ba*tards covering all this up, WHO WILL BE HELD TO ACCOUNT!!!!”.

S**** P**** (family victim) “No, coz it’s the truth. I don’t mind letting the whole world know he is a pervert kiddie fiddler who has only avoided jail on 11 COUNTS OF RAPE, AND COUNTLESS INDECENT ASSAULTS”.

This story has taken nearly a year to research, and put together. It stands as an everlasting testament to the bravery and tenacity of the victims, their families, and friends. May Justice Prevail.

For those of you out there who know

Saturday, 13 November 2010

"Can't, Don't, Shouldn't, Won't"

School’s war games warning

By Andy Sibcy

PARENTS are being warned not to let their children play a controversial new computer war game following research suggesting that it makes teenagers more aggressive.

Dave Sharrock, an assistant head teacher at De La Salle School, has written to parents to express his concerns about the impact of Call of Duty: Black Ops on their children’s behaviour and performance in class.

The over-18-rated game, which has made headlines around the world because of its very violent content, allows players to kill both soldiers and civilians, including children, at will in a very life-like set of scenarios.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

"Another Jersey Paedophile Is Found Out"

Ex-nurse guilty of abusing teenage boys

By Jo Hutchison

De Mouilpied is led away from the Royal Court.
A FORMER nurse who took photographs of himself indecently assaulting drunk or drugged teenage boys was yesterday convicted of 23 counts of sexual abuse.

Lee Albert de Mouilpied – who has refused to identify his victims to the authorities – plied the 13- and 14-year-olds with alcohol or drugs before recording or photographing himself assaulting them.

He has been told that his ultimate prison sentence could be reduced if he names the boys he abused, as it is feared many of them may need access to medical or psychological help.

"C.H.R.I.S. The Worlds Largest Anti-Paedophile Site About Britain Hits The Internet"

Chris Wittwer has been building this site for three years and has finally launched.

This site names and shames Paedophiles in Britain and provides photographs and details tracking their locations. There are also links for victims to receive help and counselling if needed, and a comprehensive guide to protecting children.

Click HERE to View the Website "Children Have Rights In Society". This site is running a little slowly at the minute as it is getting hammered by people checking out their area, so please be patient. I will leave you with the introduction from Chris Wittwer, and well done Chris mate.


This website currently holds 9547 / approx 178,000 UK convicted Paedophiles. I have many more ready to be added ! So please check daily !

This website has been checked by the police and has been viewed by MAPPA. All profiles can be checked against news and media releases.

Hi, my name is Chris and I would like to welcome you to The Worlds Largest Database for convicted UK paedophiles, Within this website is a world of corruption, and despicable acts and crimes committed against children of the UK.

My aim is to unite all child abuse campaigners of the UK. This website is a collaboration of all other websites but has a unique added feature – The name and shame of convicted UK paedophiles.

In my opinion there is nothing more outrageous than the abuse, exploitation and harm of the most vulnerable members of our society. And I firmly believe that our nations laws and resources need to reflect the seriousness of these terrible acts and crimes. Sentencing needs restructuring, laws need adjusting and more focus and support needed for the survivors. Now is the time for change !

Child abuse is a problem no one really talks about, more kids die of child abuse and neglect than of natural causes. This needs to be addressed. Our children are our future and we must do all we can to give them the best possible start in life. Children need to be protected from the vile paedophiles and perverts that infest our society and are preying on our kids daily.

Every-time we turn on the television or open a newspaper we see another case of child molestation with the perpetrators receiving pitiful and lenient sentences, that are often suspended or ridiculously short, some even get probation or community service. And they all have social workers bending over backwards to help fulfill their own needs. Yet the survivors of this abuse are left to suffer the continuing torment for the rest of their lives and as we all know, the abusers continue to re-offend.

Whilst we have Sarah’s Law it needs to be taken much further and the aim is for it to mirror Megan’s Law, where everyone can have access to the register via the Internet. Awareness is the key to the prevention of abuse.

For all the children who have ever suffered or died at the hands of abuse this website is for you. Within C.H.R.I.S you will find the crimes committed against the children of the UK so horrendous for one reason. They are happening daily right under our noses, in your towns and in your streets the length of the UK.

The aim of this website is to bring awareness to the millions of parents of the UK and show the growing dangers and terrifying consequences of child abuse and child sexual abuse.
You will find the statistics compelling but my aim is to show paedophilia for what it is, with no exceptions. My 3 years of research is finally coming together to produce the most explosive,dynamic website available that is so needed to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

My work is only 65 % documented on this website with over 4,000 more already researched and ready to be added. And many more to follow. The aim is to name most of the 180,000 convicted. I work on average 5 hours a day on my research and have a full time job. I would love to be able to concentrate 100 % on bringing the truth out. So please if you can donate anything it will help the campaign to run on and help me with the outgoing costs of the website server and maintenance of this website . Any monies over will be added to the child abuse awareness rallies that will hit most major cities in 2011.

Before you enter the name and shame, I must point out the profiles contain actual events and some graphic content, especially the R.I.P and child killers sections.

Bless all survivors and victims of abuse x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

"Me And My Malware In Sad Old Jersey"

I was going to do a rather special post tonight but decided against it, for just a short while.

It has come to my notice that some lowlife piece of crap has made a complaint to Microsoft alleging that my blog incorporates malware. As a result my blog has been flagged as a site containing malware. A complaint by myself has been issued to Microsoft and a request for a detailed explanation submitted, along with the complainants details and a copy of practice regulations.
A friend named WebGuru, a genius with computers for many a decade, has fully scanned my sites and blogs and found nothing untoward.
Today, another hi-tech friend scanned everything I put out on the net and my sites and blogs have come up clean as a whistle. I have the very best computer protection and a host of other accessories to combat any threat or instance of "The Putrid Men In Black" sabotaging my computer or sites.
Some of you will have received a malware warning about my blog, I assure you all that it is totally free of any corruptions, UNLIKE OUR GOVERNMENT....
Thank you all for reading this and hoping to hear from you in the near future, kindest regards Ian

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

"Name & Shame 'or' Name & Save Lives" what would YOU do?

I had to name ‘killer’ nurse, insists Syvret

By Lucy Mason

IT WAS ‘absolutely necessary’ to name a staff nurse accused of murdering patients more than ten years ago, former Health Minister Stuart Syvret has claimed.

The ex-Senator made the claim while giving evidence yesterday at his trial into alleged breaches of the data protection law – charges which relate directly to his naming of the nurse, who was never prosecuted, on his blog.

An application by Mr Syvret that there was no case to answer was refused earlier in the day by Assistant Magistrate Bridget Shaw.

"Dental Charges ‘way, way,way too high’ For Island Parents"

FEARS that parents have stopped taking their children to the dentist because it is too expensive are among the claims in a new Scrutiny report.

A dental scheme set up to help low-income families ‘needs updating’ because it is unfair and is 18 years old, the Health, Social Security and Housing Scrutiny panel has found.

The panel has investigated dental costs in the Island and has made a host of recommendations to ensure that children are getting access to dental treatment.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

"Quotes Of Pure Crap-From Jersey's Finest"

Having been simply stunned by the utter verbal diarrhoea that we (the Jersey public) are expected to swallow from our so called Leaders, I thought it might be a good idea to make a long list of said entries. What was said, who said it, and in reference to what subject?

These can be saved for future generations to ensure that the children of tomorrow will feel such shame if they dare to travel the same road in future years. This post will be returned to the top of this blog every week, and updated daily. We will start with the most shocking one "OFF" that comes to mind.

1. "Although the GMC panel found that her actions did amount to misconduct, it ruled that it was a ONE-OFF incident that did not impair her fitness to practise."
This was the astonishing verdict of the General Medical Counsel in relation to the death (through surgery) of a hospital patient, Elizabeth Rourke.

2. "Today, there are more and more children who have got milk allergies so therefore they cannot drink the milk anyway. There is also a problem with obesity, if more children drink more milk it does not encourage them to be slim, and also I think they ought to have a good glass of Jersey water instead."
This was St Clement Deputy, A.T. Dupre talking about fleecing the school kids of their free milk. Not even any foot stamping on that one!

3. “These are floor voids. They are not cellars, and it is impossible for a grown person to stand up straight in the floor voids under Haut de la Garenne.”
This little gem was from Gradwell & Warcup, quoted on VFC's post with accompanying video of Deputy Bob Hill 'standing up straight' in the cellars?

4. "All child abuse, wherever it happens, is scandalous, but it was the unjustified and remorseless denigration of Jersey and her people that was the real scandal."
Yup, Philip Bailhache puts his foot in it at the infamous 2008 Liberation Day Speech.

5. "slit your wrists" and "go top yourself" followed by "I absolutely refute that".
This was the classic from Senator Jimmy (potty mouth) Perchard advising Stuart Syvret how best to deal with the remainder of his life. Perchard refuted the allegation until, that is, he was told it had been recorded!

6. "I think the public are above all disappointed that the reputation of the Island may have been unfairly tarnished."
Our Chief Minister Terry Le Sewer's answer to a question from Diane Simon, "Do you not think that islanders are entitled to be told what steps are going to be taken in view of the report's findings?"

7. "The policy is that Jersey Police Officers should operate within the law of the jurisdiction in which they are operating, but there will be exceptional circumstances which would require operating outside the law, particularly if there were public safety issues , such as terrorism".
Home Affairs Minister, Ian Le Marquand's response to the Jersey Police acting illegally in the Curtis Warren debacle. During the proceedings, trial judge Sir Richard Tucker heavily criticised the States police for "illegally gathering evidence in the case". Officers bugged a car used by the gang without permission and then lied to French police. But during question time yesterday, Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand said that he was "not aware of any plans to take action against any of the officers involved in the investigation". Us & Them Laws Again, no justice in Jersey!!!

8. "Err, you say, might be?". This one from Education Minister James Reed, I cannot even put into words. You will just have to see it for yourselves HERE. When this went up on Facebook one commenter asked "is he pissed"?

9. Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand said "he believed that the officer might have been put off by the ‘vicious and scurrilous’ attacks left on some internet blog sites". This is the pathetic excuse conjured up by Ian Le Marquand when the new SIO (superintendent Paul Kemp) for the Child Abuse Investigation resigned, packed up and left Jersey, all within four days? We however, have another theory!

10. "I believe that any reference to a file note, which may be contained in some blog or other source should be treated with the appropriate level of certainty". This was Chief Minister Terry Le Sewer trying to dismiss the relevance of an important file note. However, Deputy Trevor Pitman put him straight with this, "it is a copy of the file note; it is NOT in some blog".

11. "Terry Le Seuer is actually a very intelligent person". Jersey Battonier, Mr Olsen talking at the Jersey Human Rights Group A.G.M tonight.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

"A Years Wait !!!, NO PROBLEM, It's Just A One Off"

Hospital waiting lists now up to a year

By Dolores Cowburn

Islanders needing general surgery face a wait of up to 12 months
HOSPITAL waiting times are significantly higher than in the UK, with some patients waiting up to a year before an operation, it has been revealed.

The figures, released to the JEP this week, show that Islanders needing general surgery face a 26-week wait for an outpatient appointment, then up to six months for surgery. That is double the Hospital’s own target of 13 weeks from GP referral to outpatient appointment, and much higher than the NHS target of 18 weeks from GP referral to surgery.

Andrew McLaughlin, the Hospital’s interim director, blamed the problem on a small population, staff shortages, including pending retirements, and issues regarding the recruiting and retaining of staff.

He stressed that the problem of having four doctors currently on restricted duties had not affected the waiting list times, which he said had come down from even higher figures four months ago. He added that cancer patients were seen within two weeks.

"Three Days Of The Condor" Grossenpricen !!!

Condor fares under fire

By Richard Heath

Condor fares have been criticised in a customer
CONDOR Ferries suffered more bad news yesterday after its fares were heavily criticised in a Channel Islands survey.

Following a summer blighted by unprecedented service problems, a consultation has suggested that the majority of Jersey residents believe that the company’s fares cannot be justified by the service it provides.

The survey was conducted by the Economic Development department and Guernsey’s Commerce and Employment department to determine Channel Islanders’ views on the competition, licensing and regulation of ferry services.

A total of 376 people took part, with the majority of respondents coming from Jersey and smaller numbers from Guernsey, France and the UK.

Friday, 5 November 2010

"Decisions, Decisions,"

End of the road for school fees reform?

By Lucy Mason

PLANS to slash the subsidies of fee-paying schools could be dramatically abandoned after coming under heavy fire from ministers, the JEP can reveal.

At least four ministers, including Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, are understood to be against the Education Minister James Reed’s proposal to cut more than £4 million from the annual subsidies paid to fee-paying schools, describing them as a ‘dead duck’ and ‘a bloody mess’.

A ‘serious’ Council of Ministers meeting on the issue is now planned for next week.

The revelation follows a closed meeting organised by the lobby group ParentsForChoice last night at which all in attendance agreed that the plans should be immediately withdrawn until a Green Paper on the future of education in Jersey could be undertaken.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

"A Token Gesture From Miss Shackles" just left click the pic?


Ex-minister attacks police handling of suspect nurse

By Carly Lockhart

A FORMER Hospital nurse suspected of murdering patients ten years ago went on to work at a private care home where there was a ‘cluster’ of deaths, the former Health Minister claimed in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday.
The male nurse was also alleged to have had a sexual relationship with a terminally-ill patient under his care at another nursing home in 2001.

On the third day of former Senator Stuart Syvret’s trial for allegedly breaching the data protection law, he attacked the police for failing to get the nurse struck off the national nursing register.

He said that, had the police taken action to report the former staff nurse to the Nursing and Midwifery Council ten years ago, he would not have posed a threat to ‘vulnerable and frail’ people.

The former States Member, representing himself, spent three hours cross-examining DI Chris Beechey, who said that he was confident the matter had been appropriately dealt with by police at the time.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

"Welcome To Hades" We are truly doomed!

Cameron backs Jersey’s right to self-rule

By Richard Heath

JERSEY’S right to be a self-governing Island that is largely free from UK intervention has been endorsed by the coalition Government.

Earlier this year, the UK Justice Select Committee issued a report which advised that the UK Government should support the Crown Dependencies on the international stage but not meddle unnecessarily in their international affairs.

Now, in a response to the report, the UK Government said that it agreed that Crown Dependencies should be ‘self-determining jurisdictions’ which should be largely free of UK intervention.

In its formal response, it said: ‘The Government accepts the committee’s advice that the Ministry of Justice should restrain itself from engaging in areas of work which do not directly concern its primary constitutional role.’

"Flawed? FLAwed?? FLAWED???"

Nurse inquiry was ‘flawed’, claims Syvret

By Carly Lockhart

FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret has criticised a police investigation that was carried out over ten years ago following allegations that a staff nurse at the Hospital had murdered terminally-ill patients.

On the second day of his trial for allegedly breaching data protection laws, Mr Syvret yesterday attacked the competency and quality of the 1999 inquiry that investigated, but never charged, a male nurse.

Mr Syvret, representing himself, spent two-and-a-half hours cross-examining a former policeman who had led the investigation.

Graham Jennings, who was the chief executive of Health and Social Services from 1996 to 2002, and Mike Pollard, who was chief officer of Health and Social Services between 2004 and 2009, were among those who gave evidence yesterday.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

"Detective Inspector? Incredible, when you know what 'I know' about him?!?!"

Jersey's long-awaited sex offenders law could come into force within two months, it has been revealed.

Politicians voted in favour of the legislation, which paves the way for a sex offenders register, more than a year ago.

It will require known offenders to notify police of their address and any plans to leave the island.

Former police from Scotland are now in Jersey to question them, and will recommend who should go on the list.

Det Insp Steve Langford, from Jersey Police, has described the new law as "imminent".

Senator Ian Le Marquand, the home affairs minister, said: "The courts are now working towards the law coming into force on 1 January 2011, but I cannot yet be sure of that date."

States members unanimously agreed to adopt the law in October 2009, but it is still to be finalised.

'Reassure the public'

Det Insp Langford said: "The purpose of meeting the offenders, purely on a voluntary basis until the legal framework is in place, is to assess if there's any risk of reconviction or reoffending.

"The officers who've travelled over from Strathclyde are working with us on a short-term basis.

"The point and the focus of the work we're trying to do is to reassure the public that we are aware of the concern with regard to child protection issues.

"We'll be looking with the imminent arrival of the sex offenders legislation... whether any of these offenders are suitable to go on the register."

Senator Le Marquand said: "There will need to be further rules put in place before the Royal Court can start to deal with past offenders and so the full system may not be operational until later next year."

"The Vile Blog, becomes The Hysterical Blog ???"

Syvret defends blog in court

By Carly Lockhart

FORMER Senator Stuart Syvret went on trial in the Magistrate’s Court yesterday accused of breaching data protection laws on his internet blog last March.

He allegedly used the website to claim that a former staff nurse had murdered his patients in a Harold Shipman-style serial killing spree. Mr Syvret named the man on his blog and posted a police report, which was prompted after a spate of deaths at the Hospital more than ten years ago.

The former nurse was investigated but was never charged in relation to the high rate of deaths between February and March 1999. The man has since worked at care homes in the Island but is no longer employed in the Health service.

Crown Advocate Stephen Baker said that Mr Syvret should not have published names from the police report, which found no evidence that the deaths were suspicious. The advocate said that by identifying the nurse, Mr Syvret put him at risk of vigilantism by people reading his ‘hysterical’ blog.

Monday, 1 November 2010

"JCG Parents Support Campaign"....but not the right campaign!!!

JCG parents support campaign - By Ben Quérée

THE Parents Association at Jersey College for Girls have joined the campaign against proposals to cut States subsidies to fee-paying schools.

In a statement, association chairwoman Penny Carter said they supported the campaign and would write to parents this week to gauge their views.

Meanwhile Education Minister James Reed has again refused to meet parents angry over the proposals to remove £4.2m worth of taxpayer-subsidies to the fee-paying schools over three years from next September.

The Parents4Choice group had invited the Deputy to another public meeting on 4 November, after he ducked a previous invitation last month. He says that he is prepared to meet organisers privately, but will not attend a public event until he ‘fully understands’ their counter-proposals.
From here on is written by Ian Evans

Warning: Extremely Graphic Child Abuse Content

"Now Let Us View The Right Campaign"

Jersey! Money? Me, Myself, I, !!!

Don't us poor people get sick of listening to the middle class skrike like weasels when they are denied a freebie, or have to pay for something that THEY are getting for themselves, or their children.

One of the very few things in Jersey that is pretty much universal to the islands populous is "good education for children", so what are these people whinging about? Mass protests, marches, petitions, town hall meetings, but only when it hits them in the pocket!

How many of this lot turned up to support the anti child abuse marches & demonstrations? My guess would be NONE. It's about time the "I'm doing alright thank you" middle class of Jersey focused on what really goes on around them, instead of what goes on in their bank accounts.

So, to bring them into the real world, to show what might just be happening in the house next door, I have put together some images that occur on a daily basis, EVERYWHERE...