Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"The Poor Bastards!"

High uptake of immunisation shots

New figures show in 2013, 98% of babies received their primary set of immunisations in the island.

The annual statistics are from Jersey’s Public Health. Despite the high uptake rate, Doctors are still urging people not to become complacent.

The injections protect against diseases such as whooping cough and Hib meningitis.

Over 95% of one-year-olds received the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and more than 93% of Children had their pre-school booster vaccine.

Dr Linda Diggle, Head of Healthcare Programmes said: “Every child deserves a healthy start in life and we’re extremely pleased that the 2013 figures demonstrate how the vast majority of Jersey parents are choosing to protect their children through immunisation.” 

“We all know how hectic life is as a parent and it would be easy to put off immunisation. It’s also easy to become complacent and to wonder whether immunisations are still as important. The answer is that without continual high levels of immunisation uptake amongst children, we would eventually see diseases re-emerging in the island. Three years ago we worked with GPs to make pre-school immunisations as accessible as possible for Jersey parents, and the Public Health team try and help busy working parents by sending them reminders when their children’s vaccines are due. These 2013 statistics show that GP practices have been working very hard and that parents are proactively taking steps to protect their child’s health.”

Dr Diggle confirmed that further immunisation changes are planned for the future. 

She said: “It’s a fact of life that the immunisation schedule needs to change periodically to keep pace with changes in the patterns of disease, also with new evidence and knowledge,” 

Parents wishing to know more about the full childhood immunisation schedule can find detailed information at here

Cancer begins with governments poisoning their people

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Cast Off Your Fleece And Man Up To The Truth"

"Sheep To Men"

"Savile Estate To Be Shared Among Abuse Victims?"

"Compensation Claim Flood Gates Open"

Islanders who claim they were sexually abused by Jimmy Savile are being encouraged to apply for compensation.

Adverts have been placed in both the Guernsey Press and the Jersey Evening Post explaining how alleged victims can apply for a pay out of up to £60,000.

The High Court in London ordered the scheme to be set up, and asked that, as Savile was known to visit the islands, ads should appear in the Guernsey Press and Jersey Evening Post.

Claimants are being urged to claim within six weeks from today (3 June).
How to claim?

You must first notify solicitors at National Westminster Bank PLC.

The address is: FAO CLR/CMZ/0996275/0976328 Osborne Clarke, 2 Temple Back East, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6EG.

"Curtis Warren Goose Chase Continues"

"More Public Money Going Into Lawyers Pockets"

"Proper Trading Premises Obviously To Expensive"

"Car Parks To Car Lots"

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Us And Them"

"His Name Is Stefan"

Worth a watch if only for the last ten seconds.

"Meet The Parasites"

"The Royal Rape Of A Country"

Prince Charles is a member of one of the richest monarchies in the world but he faces questions for being penny-pinching. His private income from a swathe of inherited land and laws rakes in a tidy sum. Polly Boiko reports on calls to share the money with the public who pay for it.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

"The Money Masters"

"Easter, Jesus & The Bankers"

Rothschild mafia John Kennedy Woodrow Wilson George Washington Andrew Jackson Franklin Roosevelt Abraham Lincoln Bank of England US Federal Reserve 1996 1913 full documentary

Hell, even Guernsey gets a mention for it's debt free currency.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Understanding The Drugs Scam The Government Built Over Generations"

Anti-drug rally hailed a success

"Whatever You Believe!"


Dozens of islanders took part in an anti-drugs rally today in St Helier's Weighbridge.

It was organised by the friends of 17-year-old Jared Harrison who died after taking a substance allegedly sold as MDMA.

Islanders branded posters and banners calling for more to be done to combat drugs in Jersey.

Jared was found dead in a St Helier house earlier this month. Three other young men were taken to hospital.

Police believe he could have been taking a white powder purporting to be MDMA, a class A drug.

Following Jared's death, the force gave out a warning for islanders not to take a white powder purporting to be MDMA. 

It is believed this was brought into the island the week before he died.

"Ignorance Is A Key Issue"

Drugs are bad. Drugs destroy peoples' lives. Didn't you know that marijuana turns regular everyday people into zombie pot smokers? That's why we have a war on drugs in America: to protect our children from potheads.

Drugs are bad. Especially marijuana. I learned this the other day when I visited an elementary school as a guest speaker. The schoolchildren were well trained in describing the dangers of drugs. On command, they would spout out any number of statements describing them.

But then a funny thing happened. I started asking how many of them were on drugs. You know, drugs their doctor prescribed. Drugs that alter brain chemistry to keep them docile, or free of pain, or to dilate their lungs so they could breathe easier.

It turned out that 60% of these schoolchildren were either on drugs at that very moment, or had been on such drugs within the last twelve months. Two-thirds of the teachers were on drugs, too. And it's not at all a stretch to believe that 40% or more of all parents are on drugs. Mind-altering drugs like antidepressants, no less.

A nation of drug addicts

Fact is, we are a nation of drug addicts. We drug ourselves, our elderly and our children on a daily basis. We do it with prescription medications, over-the-counter pills, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine... and we say it's all fine because those drugs are legal.

But wait a minute, you say. Those legal drugs are different from marijuana. They're FDA-approved drugs, prescribed by a doctor. They have a medical purpose?

Oh really? Ritalin has a medical purpose? What medical symptoms does Ritalin treat, then? What measurable physiological state is addressed with Ritalin? There are none, of course. Ritalin is an authority drug. It keeps children in line. It makes teachers feel less stress and parents feel less guilt. Ritalin is a mind-altering narcotic, and yet millions of children are on it today. Its purpose is not to help children, but to make life more convenient for those who manage children.

You think statin drugs have a medical purpose? Think again. In reality, they only have a profit purpose. These drugs were invented to sell pills that manage disease states in people, not that solve any real health problem. Don't believe me? Just stop taking your statin drugs, if you dare, and watch your cholesterol skyrocket. You'll find out you're a slave to the drug, and no healthier than before.

What's the difference between legal and illegal drugs?

So what's the real difference between legal drugs and illegal drugs? Some people think that only illegal drugs are habit-forming. Yet legal drugs can be just as addictive as illegal drugs. Just ask anyone who has tried to quit smoking, go off caffeine, or kick to Oxycontin habit.

So is there some other difference between illegal drugs and legal drugs? People argue that legal drugs are safe. They're FDA-approved! And yet they fail to recognize that prescription drugs kill more Americans each year than all the crack, meth, and heroin deaths combined.

Okay, then, what about the argument that illegal drugs have no medicinal purpose, and legal drugs do have a medicinal purpose. What about that? Wrong again. Medical marijuana is a medically proven treatment for a variety of conditions, yet marijuana still remains illegal. Even MDMA (now called "Ecstasy" on the street) was long considered an effective "experiential drug" that helped severely traumatized adult patients overcome past pains through improved clarity. At the same time, tobacco smoke has no medical purpose whatsoever, yet cigarettes remain perfectly legal.

No, the real difference between these two classes of drugs is not their medical merit, nor their safety. The real difference is something far more sinister. It gets right down to answering the question of why DEA agents will raid medical marijuana clinics, yet stand by doing nothing while Americans smoke themselves to death on tobacco.

Want to know the real answer? I very much doubt you do. Because, like most Americans, you won't believe it. You've been blinded to the obvious truth for your whole life, manipulated by the media, and brainwashed by advertising that has turned you into a statistically-validated consumer. You'll think, no, this couldn't possibly be true. The world isn't that unjust, you think. But you're wrong. (Take the free Gullibility Factor test to find out if you're really a mind slave or not...)

Here's the raw, blunt truth about the war on drugs. Drugs are declared legal or illegal based primarily on who benefits from their manufacture, distribution and sale.

Corporate and government profits determine the legality

Let me put this another way. You know why cigarettes are still legal? Consider this: here's a product that admittedly kills people. It has no health benefit whatsoever. It is a threat to the public health. Yet why does it remain legal? Because states get a cut of cigarette sales thanks to the Big Tobacco settlement a few years back. Keeping cigarettes legal results in desperately-needed revenues for states... revenues that are almost never spent on anti-smoking campaigns, by the way.

It's a classic racket: tobacco is allowed to remain legal because powerful institutions get a cut of the action. While people die from lung cancer, states get financial resuscitation by taking a cut of every sale. States are trading your health for their revenues.

Think I'm being overly cynical? Let's take a look at gambling laws. Organized gambling is illegal at both the state and federal levels in this country. Except, of course, when government gets a cut. Casino-friendly states didn't just make casinos legal for the good of the public: they legalized gambling in exchange for a cut of the action. It's a classic, mob-style "protection fee."

If you want to test this theory, launch your own online gambling website. You'll be shut down almost immediately and charged with serious crimes. Gambling and organized betting is illegal, didn't you know? That is, unless the state runs the show, as in state lotteries.

It's right in your face, folks: gambling is legal when powerful corporations or institutions get a piece of the action. It's illegal when they don't. It has nothing at all to do with morality, or protecting people, or doing what's right. It's all about money, pure and simple. Just ask all the corrupt politicians in Missouri who legalized riverboat gambling a few years back.

Getting back to drugs, why do you think alcohol remains a legal drug? Because states and cities tax it. State governments are addicted to alcoholics as a source of revenue to fund their voter entitlement programs that get politicians reelected. Alcohol is a cash machine for cities and states.

Sometimes the exact same chemical is both legal and illegal, depending on who profits from it. The FDA, for example, banned the Chinese herb ma huang because it contains ephedra. Yet the exact same chemical compound remains perfectly legal in over-the-counter drugs like Sudafed and a variety of cold medicines. Sudafed even gets its name from ephedra: "pseudo-ephedrine." So why is ephedrine illegal in herbs, yet legal in pharmacy drugs manufactured by drug companies? You already know the answer.

With all that in mind, why do you think prescription drugs that kill people remain legal? Think carefully now...
If you guessed, "Because powerful corporations generate billions in profits selling drugs, and governments get a cut of that via state sales taxes and corporate income taxes" then BINGO! You win a prize: a lifetime of free Prozac to keep you happy!

Legal drugs generate windfall profits for those in power

Think about it: if prescription drugs were peddled by street dealers instead of doctors, and if all that revenue changed hands in a non-taxable, non-corporate structure (i.e. street cash), then you'd be seeing full-scale law enforcement action against the makers, distributors and sellers of those drugs. You'd also see endless headlines about how dangerous they were: "Street painkillers kill twelve in South Miami!"

The sad truth of the matter, though, is that those very same painkilling drugs killed at least twelve people in South Miami this very day. But you'll never here about it in the media. Because the news networks are sponsored by drug companies, of course. (The news is not designed to inform you, it's designed to shape your reality, to turn you into a consumer of whatever products the corporations are peddling this year. Didn't you know?)

Every drug that's legal is legal for one simple reason: somebody in a position of power is keeping it legal because they're getting a cut.

Non-patentable drugs are usually outlawed

That's why medical marijuana is illegal: because government doesn't control its distribution, nor does government receive a financial cut. You can bet your life that if Big Pharma owned the patents on medical marijuana and could set monopolistic prices on it, pot would be perfectly legal to own and smoke. That is, as long as you got it from a pharmacy where prices and distribution could be controlled.

Control is the key here. You think the FDA is discrediting drugs from Canada in order to protect your health? Get real. The FDA is simply protecting the monopoly drug market in this country. It's controlling distribution points in the U.S. in the same way that a crack dealer assassinates his street corner competition. Eliminate the competition, and you can set whatever price you want. That's why uninformed U.S. consumers pay 30,000% markup prices for drugs that can be acquired in Mexico or Canada for pennies on the dollar.

It's not about your health, it's about their wealth

You see, corporate America doesn't really care what you put in your mouth, up your nose, through your lungs or into your veins, as long as they get a cut from it. That's the whole prescription drug racket in a nutshell: it's billions of dollars in annual profits generated from mind-altering (yet legal) drugs that flat-out kill people. Lots of people. Like 100,000 Americans a year (or a lot more if you believe more critical statistics).

So if you've ever wondered why Ritalin -- which has no medical purpose whatsoever -- is perfectly legal, and yet medical marijuana -- which has a well-proven medical purpose -- is outlawed, now you know the answer: because Ritalin makes powerful people rich. And marijuana doesn't. Anybody can grow marijuana. Drug companies don't control the patents.

Why I teach people to be 100% drug free

Now, just for the record, I do not personally use any drugs whatsoever (recreational, over-the-counter, prescription or otherwise), and in fact, I teach people to be 100% free of all drugs, including caffeine and alcohol. I bought into the "just say no to drugs" advice of Nancy Reagan, and I actually applied it to ALL drugs, not just selective drugs.

And as far as I can tell, aside from the Mormons and the Amish, there are only a small percentage of truly drug-free people living in this country. Practically everybody I meet is addicted to at least one of the following: coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, pain meds, prescription drugs or sugar (which alters brain chemistry in drug-like fashion).

At the same time, I'm not at all fooled by this silly "War on Drugs" charade, which is really nothing more than enforcement of corporate drug profits at gunpoint. If we had a genuine war on drugs in this country that really worked to protect the American people we'd send DEA agents into drug company offices and confiscate all the legalized but deadly medications being manufactured, distributed and deceptively sold to unwitting Americans today.

Medical marijuana is a threat to both the profits and power of drug companies, not to mention the credibility of the DEA. Letting grannies smoke pot in California makes DEA agents look silly. If it were allowed, it would also undermine the billions of dollars already spent incarcerating people for "pot crimes." Basically, it would make the whole War on Drugs look stupid. Which it most assuredly is, at least when it comes to marijuana.

I can understand taking a tough stance on hard drugs (crack, meth, heroin, etc.), but arresting cancer patients who smoke joints for pain control sounds a lot more like oppression than law enforcement to me.
So what is the War on Drugs? It's an excuse to control you. It is a system that keeps the population in a state of constant fear so that heroic politicians can get elected on empty promises to "keep fighting the war on drugs!"

The DEA is AWOL on most drug issues

Where is this War on Drugs when it comes to Grandma in the nursing home, who died of a stroke caused by Cox-2 inhibitor drugs? Where is the War on Drugs when little Johnny schoolboy picks up a rifle and blows away his classmates because he's on antidepressants and can't tell the difference between real life and a first-person-shooter video game? Where is the War on Drugs when 16,500 people each year die, shitting digested blood until they pass out and die because that daily dose of aspirin tore a gaping hole in their stomach?

The War on Drugs, you see, turns a blind eye to the death and suffering caused by these drugs. The DEA pretends prescription drugs don't even exist. No prescription drug death has ever been prevented by the DEA as far as I know. Yet 100,000 Americans are killed each year by FDA-approved drugs. The DEA has no interest whatsoever in protecting Americans from these drugs. Ever wonder why?

The DEA is properly named, by the way. It's the Drug Enforcement Agency. It's enforcing drugs. The right drugs. The legal drugs. The drugs that make money for drug companies, drug distributors, drug retailers, cities, states and countries. It's enforcement at gunpoint, and as long as the money keeps flowing, the drugs will stay perfectly legal, regardless of who dies.

The entire distribution system is well in place: the false and misleading television advertising, the outright bribery of drug dealers (doctors), the street corner fulfillment centers (pharmacies), and the coordinating drug lord running the show (the Fraud and Drug Administration). It's a brilliant system for manufacturing,
promoting, delivering and selling deadly, addictive drugs to children, adults and seniors while generating corporate profits and tax revenues for cities, states and nations.

And that's the raw truth about the War on Drugs. You may not like it, but now, at least, you know why it exists.

So I have a common sense question for all the people in this country. If you support the War on Drugs, then why are you taking so many drugs yourself? And why are you allowing your children to be drugged?

"Sorry Kids But Easter Is Cancelled"

"Easter Was In December"

Today we celebrate the re-birth of our glorious Lord (lard) and Saviour, the 'Sun' of God.

But just who, or what, is The 'Sun' of God?

The 'Sun' of God is no less than the sun itself, that heavenly orb which brings 'the light'. The winter solstice beginning on the 21st of December at which time the sun, or rather, the 'Sun' of God, ends it's cycle, lies dormant for 3 days, then begins the next cycle upward again toward the northern hemisphere one degree per day.

NOW, for all you Christian 'believers' out there, what else is alleged to have died, lay dormant for three days and then come back to life???

See the link below for the whole story

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Anti Drugs Rally For Jared Say's Deborah Le Rendu....For Jared???"

Anti-drugs rally planned for Royal Square

Thousands of Islanders are being invited to an anti-drugs rally in the Royal Square this weekend by a teenager following the death of her best friend.
Deborah Le Rendu has organised the event in the hope that young people will think twice before experimenting with illegal substances.
She has called on Islanders to meet in the Royal Square at 1 pm on Saturday with signs, posters and banners to send a message that more needs to be done to tackle Jersey's drug problem.

Deborah Le Rendu has organised an anti-drugs rally for Saturday

I fear that this purported 'anti drugs rally' is nothing more than a lament for a dear friend lost. 

Jared obviously liked drugs, why else would he be with three mates who also liked drugs, and indeed, took them on that fateful night?

Besides....drugs are already illegal, and have been for decades....therefore,

What's to rally against? And to whom?

A stampede in the Royal Square on a Saturday when no politicians are likely to be present, half of the public will be pissed and waiting anxiously for the fuddy fuddy football to begin, the other half will have their heads trashed with screaming kids and the price of shopping!

As an aside, Deborah hun, the English Monarchy are by far the worlds worst ever drug dealers, just check out the "opium wars" and the exploits of the East India Trading Company and find the real filth behind that shit hole patch of land called "The Royal Square". The new world drug dealers are the CIA running through the Vatican and protected by English law....

Also lady, when you understand the toxicity of the shit the government allows to be put in your food, your water, your air, and your newborn children, you will understand the real scope of the problem of drugs.

Deborah Le Rendu hunny, take my advice and get those that turn up on Saturday to have a few beers and a good reminisce together about fond memories of your time with Jared.

Play a tune even? Here's one from me to get the party started, it's my own personal favourite as it is linked with a drugs tragedy of a very good friend of mine many years ago.

Good Luck On Saturday You Guys :)