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Sunday, 19 April 2015

"Coming Soon - How To Steal A Farm - 'The Jersey Way' - A Shocking Story" PART 4

"The Wretched Truth About Jersey's Liars, Cheats, Thieves & Paedophile Scum"

The scum in the photo above is convicted paedophile, Jacob Leigh Bowey. The other scum in the photo is liar, cheat, thief and deceiver, Angela Claudette Amy.

Another liar and cheat in this sad and sorry saga is Cyril "the bullshit squirrel" Vibert, and not forgetting that camp, and yet to be convicted paedophile, and former lover of Angela Claudette Amy, Charles Barnett.

The first 3 parts of this epic can be read at the link below which link is actually part 3.5 ish... and features virtually all of the sicko's in the Amy family saga!!!

More coming soon!!!

"Secret Covenant Of The Illuminati"

"Wake The 'Flock' Up People!!!"

It's all here, "THEIR" intentions, "THEIR" methods, and "THEIR" end game. "THEY" have almost everything but that which has alluded them for Millennia, total control of the world....

Saturday, 18 April 2015

"The Cashless Society We Warned About Is Almost Here"

"Get Ready For Your RFID Chip - The Mark Of The Beast Is Almost Upon You"

Citibank Economist Says It's Time to Ban Cash. The New World Order "Conspiracy Theory" is Coming True.


16And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty-six.

"Corporations To Rule The World Via The TPP"

"You Can't Read It Until It's Passed In Law!!!"

The fast-tracked TPP will be coming to the Senate within days. While some opposition has pointed out that it will increase the devastating economic consequences that NAFTA brought, most are ignoring that it is close to the final step in consolidating power into global governance by multinational corporations.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

"White 3 Year Old Victim Is A Racist!!!"

"Another American Psychopath Who Should Not Be In Office"

Black Judge Olu Stevens in Kentucky Let a Black Armed Robber Go Free Because He Claimed White Victim was "Racist".

What the hell has America become???

"Governor Of New Mexico Leading The Fight Against Agenda 21"

"Americans Must Get Behind This Lady!!!"

Governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez
Last week, New Mexico became the second state to ban the practice of civil asset forfeiture, which allows state and local law enforcement agencies to seize property from innocent people.
Gov. Susana Martinez (R) signed HB 560 on Friday, which states that property can only be seized if a person is “arrested for an offense to which forfeiture applies, the person is convicted by a criminal court of the offense, and the state establishes by clear and convincing evidence that the property is subject to forfeiture.” In other words, property seizure is only permitted if a person is guilty of a crime. The bill, which received unanimous approval in the state legislature, was first introduced by Rep. Zachary Cook (R).
Under civil asset forfeiture laws across the country, people don’t have to be found guilty or charged with a crime to have their property taken from them. The laws incentivize the seizure of property to the benefit of law enforcement agencies, at the expense of innocent people — who are, often, low-income people of color. No type of property is off-limits, as cash, cars, and houses are routinely seized. And in many cases, law enforcement agencies collect assets under the guise of drug enforcement.
In response to the new law, State Director Emily Kaltenbach of the Drug Policy Alliance’s New Mexico office said, “Like other drug war programs, civil asset forfeiture is disproportionately used against poor people of color who cannot afford to hire lawyers to get their property back. This law is an important step towards repairing some of the damage the drug war has inflicted upon our society and system of justice.”

Don't know what "Agenda 21" Is? Find out below.

This detailed presentation clearly explains the connection between sustainable development and Agenda 21 as defined by the UN. In depth research shows how Agenda 21 will ultimately compromise your property rights. 

Regarding Ms. Bruntdland: Some have suggested she is merely a Democrat and I am way off base. First off, Norway does not have a Democratic Party, but rather Socialist democrats. Hopefully there is a difference. Internet research can be a challenge, so I respect those who engage in it! However, check out the XX Congress of the Socialist International in NY. Gro was the first VP of the Socialist International whose goal is to interact with labour, social democrats and socialists worldwide to spread the socialist concept of democracy. It is quite possible to be member of the Democratic Party and a Socialist at the same time. It is members like Gro whose desire it is to move the Democratic party more toward the Social Democratic Party. 

I also want to thank "6or8pack" for pointing out my error in mentioning that Betty Perry's nose was injured by handcuffs. In fact, she slipped during her interaction with officers and hit her nose on the steps. Betty was aware of local ordinances, but chose to ignore them. This landed her in the holding pen. This error is mine.

Some have suggested they have "read Agenda 21 " and there is nothing dangerous in the book and besides, the document has no power to override their Constitutional right to own and control private property. 

To read the book alone, without reading the preceeding and following documentation and activites would be somewhat like looking at a map of Brazil and feeling you now know how Brazilians think and feel. 

The name A21 refers not only to the actual book, but to the entire sustainable development movement as defined by the United Nations dating back to the 1970's through today. That is why it is important to not only listen to the entire video, but research on your own to gain more information. Since this presentation was completed vast new volumes of information have been compiled. Check the sources in the back of the presentation and the United Nation's own websites to draw your own conclusions.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

"United Nations Climate Czar Reveals Depopulation Plan For Humanity"

"We Told You 'THEY' Want You Dead"

Is the world at its breaking point? The United Nations thinks so. It seems the UN wants you dead.Their solution to Global Warming. That’s of course according Christiana Figueres… the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. At the recent CLIMATE ONE conference she spoke to the organization's founder Greg Dalton and revealed the agenda right out in the open. Ladies and Gentlemen - it is no longer a secret - ROLL TAPE:

(INTELLIHUB) — At a recent Climate One conference, the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, made clear that a leading solution to global warming includes extreme depopulation.
Speaking to the organization’s founder Greg Dalton, Figueres had a carefully worded yet startling answer to his question on world population.
Dalton: A related issue is fertility rates and population, a lot of people in energy and environmental circles don’t want to go near that because its politically charged, it’s not their issue, but isn’t it true that stopping the rise in population could be one of the biggest levers in driving down the rising green houses gases.
Figueres: We all know, we expect 9 billion by 2050, so yes obviously less people would exert less pressure on the natural resources
Dalton: So is 9 billion the forgone conclusion.. no way to change that?
Figueres: Again there is pressure in the system to go towards that, we can get them to change though, we can definitely change those numbers and really should make every effort to change the numbers because we are already today, exceeding the planetary carrying capacity.
How the United Nations plans to unilaterally “change the numbers” isn’t revealed but statements by other leading globalists, including Bill Gates famous depopulation remarks at a TED Talks event, point to some sort of program that includes vaccines, infertility, and the killing of a portion of the world’s population.
First we’ve got population, the world today has 6.8 billion people, that’s headed to 9 billion.
Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, and reproductive health services we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15%.
Christiana Figueres’s recent comments simply provide more evidence and context to the United Nations depopulation agenda that has been in planning for decades.

"The Wicked Witch of Washington Announces She's Running For President in 2016"

"How Much More Of The NWO Will America's Idiots Tolerate?"

Spot the only honourable face in the picture!!!

"What Kind Of Imbeciles Do 'THEY' Take Us For?"

"Everything Here Is Conjecture Except For The Last 9 Minutes Of The Video"

A Trip Into The World Of The Globalist NWO Psychopath's Agenda....

Please interpret this video as your heart and soul tell's you, but let your consciousness decide the last 9 minutes of it for the number 9 is the most important number in the Universe.

"In Lak'ech"

"I Am You"

Literally, we are all one, we are connected.

"Seek always Peace. Wear no path for the footsteps of others unless the soul is endangered. We are linked by our souls. To endanger one, endangers all, but when one is endangered, then the soul must become the warrior."
Shaolin Proverb

We Are All One And Our Reality Is An Illusion. 

Life has imprisoned each and every one of us. We are slaves to clocks and calendars. We are all so wrapped up in our own lives and our own problems. We tend to separate ourselves thinking that no one else can really understand. But this is all an illusion, a lie to keep us from the truth... that we are all one, and that if we the people ever wake up to this fact then we would have the power to reshape the world and our reality.

It's time to wake up!

Monday, 13 April 2015

"A Leopard Dies And Leaves Behind It's Skin - A Man Dies And Leaves Behind His Reputation"

"What Will 'You' Leave Others?"

What is anger? Why do we feel it? Why do we act upon it?

Anger is simply an emotive reaction to what we feel and believe is contradictory to the nature of our soul and it's perceptions. It is a reaction that comes from the whole of our being that is indeed mastered by the gut which has twice as many receptors as any other part of the body, hence the phrase "follow your gut instinct".

Whilst most of the asserted doctrine throughout history preaches that anger is something dark and sinister that does not pertain to the righteous, let it be know that that very concept is, in itself, wholly unrighteous.

Anger, along with love, is the most powerful emotion we can comprehend. And just as love, it's power for good is limitless....

"In a body that is One with nature, though the body contends, there is no violence...and in the heart that is not One with nature, though the body be at rest...there is always violence. Be therefore like the prow of a boat. It cleaves to water, yet it leaves in its wake, water unbroken."
Shaolin Proverb

How did a young man born into a high caste in India come to free 83,000 children from slavery? Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi offers a surprising piece of advice to anyone who wants to change the world for the better: Get angry at injustice. In this powerful talk, he shows how a lifetime of peace-making sprang from a lifetime of outrage.


Sunday, 12 April 2015

"MSM Deadly Secret Of California Wine"

"Scientific Study Will Blow Your Mind"

"DARK ACT - Are The Sheep Ready For The Wolves?"

"The Monsters Monsanto In Our Midst"

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote about a new federal bill that would shut down the ability of the states to decide separately whether or not to label products that contained genetically engineered ingredients. Opponents aptly call it the DARK Act - Denying Americans the Right to Know...

Although sponsored by Rep. Pompeo, HR 1599 is the delight of the Grocer's Manufacturer's Association (GMA) - which supports corporations like Monsanto, Nestlé and Dow et al. The "Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014" fizzled out last year, but the GMA worked to get it introduced in the current Congress.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


"Vote for Paul Toussaint"

Vote for Paul Toussaint in Stoke-on-Trent Central - UBUNTU Party UK
For completely restructuring the financial and banking system - closing down the privately owned Bank of England and replacing it with a Peoples Bank - that will issue money for the people by the people - tax free and interest free - creating 100% employment and setting the scientists, farmers, and all the people in all walks of life free to live life to the full - contributing their talents for the greatest benefit of all the people in their community, creating abundance for all - not in competition with each other but rather in cooperation.